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  • Several hours later, I've successfully gotten the Google Play Games sign-in to work on an iOS Simulator. Further testing needs to be done to see if it functions correctly on an actual device and if I can make Javascript calls from a MV game to the service..
    Is it really worth it though? We did a Google Play sign in for an iOS build for our own games before and found very few users actually bothered.
    At this point it's purely for the giggles and masochism that comes from it.
    I wonder how long it would take to slap the crosswalk webview Android exports use into the iOS version.. Binaries certainly exist and hopefully it's not as painful to get the Google Play API in on top of that now that I know what's up (and Apple's App Store has a much, much larger file size limit that plays nicer with MV exports so I wont have to figure out how to use dang expansion files)

    Lord, now I need to find my iTouch before the curiosity consumes me
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What is your favourite rpg maker plugin?
Hopefully this gets fixed before release..
Where's this sudden heatwave come from? It's not even sunny, it's just hot. Hate it!
I'm slightly disappointed that the MZ codebase still uses core.js, managers.js, objects.js, scenes.js, sprites.js and windows.js instead of core/Bitmap.js, core/Graphics.js, managers/AudioManager.js, managers/DataManager.js, etc...
just a few more hours until the toughest, most pressure 72 hours of my life, wish me luck guys

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