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  • A super secret project is underway. So secret that I am deciding to stupidly post here that it's commencing. So shhh! It's top secret.
    Parallax Panda
    Parallax Panda
    After seeing your gameplay video it does actually look like another RPG but I guess that is the pun? Isn't it?
    That's exactly what we're going for. The characters and story will be different with twists and turns. But it'll be "Just another RPG".
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I'm not sure if I should be happy for MZ, or sad for MV.
Not going to lie.... The update's cool and all, but I immediately ran to Mog's site and was like, "Update! Update! Update!" while breathing on the page of his Star Ocean Battle System plugin. :kaoswt:
Ho boi. I can already see the storm of ugly actor faces RTP customizable facesets from MZ are gonna flood. XD
<-- Meet Seith. He begins the story as an apprentice druid, learning to survive in the wilderness by communing with nature and honing his herbalism. Seith has a deep desire to understand the world around him. When wells of chaotic energy begin erupting from the land,corrupting plant, animal and man alike, Seith finds himself on a journey to discover just what this means for the fate of his home, the land of Myarr.
I installed a ledge for my cat.

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