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  2. Lighting and Time Editor - Continued!

    Maybe that's becouse I have macbook, but I trying click TAB to set the lights and nothing...
  3. Best suitable free web hosting for RMMV games

    The problem is little space for files. Only max 1000 files... on itch.op
  4. RMMV Interacvtive movie in RMMV?

    Im trying, but maybe I don't know how to do that. In first event I added option play movie and I added switch to another event wich one playing parallel event: show choices - contine video or stop video. But no matter what i do the movie is playing first and after when video is ended to choices...
  5. RMMV Interacvtive movie in RMMV?

    Becouse I want showed options to choose in video. For example some scene in movie is ending. Im playing another video (with looped NPC animation waiting for option to choose) and after choosen option I want to play another. Like in typical RPG quest like Witcher and so one.
  6. RMMV Interacvtive movie in RMMV?

    Hi! Im looking for a script which one make possibility to add choices (interactive movie) - For examle video is paused in special moment, we have two options to choose and after choose one option we playing another video. In general Im looking for a script which one I can edit during the playing...
  7. RMMV YEP - RegionRestrictions

    Thank you! That's working. I have a one more question about RegionRestrictions plugin and MOG_PickUP I want to make conditional branch look like thath: If character faceing in right, left and so one and ok is enter the player jumping, but If the player picking for examle rock, the two plugins...
  8. RMMV YEP - RegionRestrictions

    Im in process to make a platform game on rmmv, and there is a way to make RegionRestricions with a conditional branch? I mean If for example player touch region restiction number nine the switch will be on and so one. It's possible to make that just on events or Do you have some plugin which...
  9. Default Game doesn't Play on MacOS

    I honest... I give up. Nobody carres about this problem - RPG MAKER MV specially... I had to downgrade all system, that was a lot of work, becouse some programs dosen't want works and so one... A lot of unecceseary work ony becouse rpg maker crashed all the time. When I downgraded to catalina...
  10. Uncaught typeerror cannot read property 'setdimesions' of null

    Ok i understand. But I tried to make this order with YANLFY and after that some another plugins dosent wanted work, this order is for my game the best (without TDDP ofccourse) Thank you so much for help. I have to make test without some junk plugins and we will se what happen.
  11. Uncaught typeerror cannot read property 'setdimesions' of null

    I noticed... I don't need TDDP, I turned off this pluign and everthing is ok... Propablly I used this plugin many, many versions ago and I thoughI need this plugin now too.... Sorry... My Bad... but I don't understand what means Im ignoring the instructions of the plugin about placement in the...
  12. Uncaught typeerror cannot read property 'setdimesions' of null

    Ok, sorry for misunderstanding. My version rpg_core.js v1.5.0 and this is my screenshots. Everything works perfect, but only sometimes this bug with "Uncought error etc." happens...
  13. Uncaught typeerror cannot read property 'setdimesions' of null

    It seems to be really strange, becouse when Im trying make interaction to find this bug, In 99 tries everything is ok... But only one per 100 maybe tries showing me this "UncoughtType error "setDimensions' null" The biggest problem it's happens really random. - Everytime Im starting play from...
  14. Uncaught typeerror cannot read property 'setdimesions' of null

    No, No. Every tester had only one version and they are always started the game form beginning without any saves before and after that they always deleted the all game.
  15. Uncaught typeerror cannot read property 'setdimesions' of null

    \ That was clearly the same version what I deployed to 50 another testers... I will ask to play the game from begining, that happend on first level so, not much to lose time for her. But the version was deployed without any saves... I will do my best, but I think the person who played could be...

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