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  1. Map Scroll Type Causes Parallax Background to Move

    I have a question. Do you know how to change dircection of this "loop verically"? Becouse for the start parralax background going from the top to down. How to change direction on down to top? Im makeing raceing mini game and street should go from the down to top.
  2. Race game on MV

    I think I don’t need necessary a mode7 because if you look closer you can see: 1. In movement is only the car (player) have three kinds of his graphic depend on distance (3 moves up is maximum) he is bigger or smaller. In this case I can use events what makeing different graphic character...
  3. OcRam - Lights plugin (for MV)

    I downloaded this big project with all scripts by OcRam but it unfortunetly it still dosent help becouse Im interesing only on lighting system but in this demo it dosent work without time system and I don't now how to delate that. I think better will if every script will by on one map with full...
  4. How to import an MV project to MZ?

    MOG? Yanfly?
  5. How to import an MV project to MZ?

    How its possible to convert all custom plugins from MV to MZ ?
  6. Race game on MV

    Do you now some plugin to make mini game like that?
  7. Steam RPG MAKER MV

    Ok, but i need some law background some pdf or screen where they are saying that. I can’t believe what will write on the forum. In my opinion every game developer should have this kind of docment. In eula the saying nothing about steam version.
  8. Steam RPG MAKER MV

    In EUOLA is wrote, the only user who registered rpg maker by activation key is a licence user. If you didn't activate your your not license user, and you cannot use program for commercial use. "1. The User shall perform a User Registration of the Software in the manner separately prescribed by...
  9. Steam RPG MAKER MV

    I have version on mac and I cannot find this folder...
  10. Steam RPG MAKER MV

    At yesterday I checked all EUOLA from this and I didn’t find any information.
  11. Steam RPG MAKER MV

    Ok, but I need some law background, pdf whatever. In my opinion every game developer should have something like that.
  12. Steam RPG MAKER MV

    Could you tell me where I can find some document from RMMV who’s saying If I have steam version I can sell my games for commercial use? It’s important to have some law background so the best could be same terms of use by them. But the license by them in original site say absolute nothing about...
  13. Problem really hard to solve.

    YES! YES! YES! That was this problem! I haver for now a lot of work to change all this files, but the problem is solved. Thank u so much guys!
  14. Problem really hard to solve.

    Wow...Thank you <3!!! Im makeing my game on mac, and there is a great option to change title in more than one file, I did that and removed all spaces and putted _. I removed polish signs too, so for now should be everything pretty good.
  15. Problem really hard to solve.

    hahah oh no I can't do that

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