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    Using "counters" instead of gauges?

    Okidoki. Sorry about that. I also updated the post a little bit to specify I am not looking for something for an Active Battle System like Zelda. I need something that works with the standard battle system! (I'm using a side-view, but that doesn't effect the HUD anyway)
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    Using "counters" instead of gauges?

    I wasn't requesting a script... I was asking if there was a script already out there or if there was a way to do this without a script lol Thanks, though, I guess.
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    Using "counters" instead of gauges?

    I edited my post to be more specific. :`3c For my project, I'm going more for MP use, and I want to use full counters rather than half. I don't exactly have an asset created, so I listed an example similar to my idea.
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    Using "counters" instead of gauges?

    Hey everyone! Is there a script or a way to replace a gauge (like magic) with a damage/used based graphic? Sort of like with Zelda-style hearts, but in this case, I would like it to be for MP and possibly for TP. Example of Health in Zelda: The basic system would be like this: You would have...
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    RMMV IM.mortal (Puzzle/Platformer/Horror)

    dude, I would play the heck out of this game. I can imagine all the ideas for puzzles. Personally, I think a battle system wouldn't be super fitting for this genre. A survival-esque play would put more emphasis on the puzzles. Adding enemies seems more like it would be annoying than challenging.
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    RMMV The Azure Isle | IGMC 2017

    @IAmJakeSauvage I haven't really played many MV games, so I can't say for sure. I didn't expect you to change all the dialogue, but I'm glad to see the change! Maybe have a separate dialogue box for motions, but using regular narrative like you'd find in a book? That's if you still want to keep...
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    RMMV The Azure Isle | IGMC 2017

    I haven't played a lot (because it keeps crashing for some reason. Probably just my system), but I love it so far! Not a big fan of the *character does action* part of the dialouge, though... It's kind of iritating and takes a little bit away from the dialogue in general, but overall I really...
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    RMVXA Love x Lust (Unfinished Alpha Version 0.1)

    I gotta say, I really REALLY love the concept of this game!! The only thing that irks me is the face that there are so many different art styles for the characters. Consistency in style is very important... That's gonna change, right? xD
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    Fast Travel Script

    After forever, I actually found an issue with this script. It seems to be with Blackmorning's Base script with this line
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    Alchemist Event + Inventory Select Scene?

    Bumping this up again ;u;
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    Warning - don't use Deviant Art to showcase your stuff

    I was about to say the same thing that dragoonwys said. This was a huge misunderstanding. Here is a post from the original artist explaining exactly what happened. DeviantART is simply being blamed for this. It was another company, not DeviantART.
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    Alchemist Event + Inventory Select Scene?

    I just updated my title and first post to be something a little more solidified. If someone could assist me, that would be much appreciated! @readydotexe I'll look into that event, but it's not 100% what I'm looking for. Like I said, I just updated my post to be a little clearer!
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    Alchemist Event + Inventory Select Scene?

    Coming back to bump this because I still need help orz

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