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    I hope you feel better soon.

    I hope you feel better soon.
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    This looks cool so far, I can't wait to see further progress!
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    Say "Hello" in your language

    Hey! How are you? In the languages I'm learning: ¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás? こんにちわ!元気ですか。
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    How to start a game

    I usually set up the story a bit in a short cutscene. These usually introduce the player to the main character, their goal, and where the character needs to go next to advance the story. (Usually in that exact order actually haha). Starting in the middle of a battle could be a bit jarring in...
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    Degica's New Visual Novel Creator

    I was pretty excited when I saw it. While it's not too difficult to make VNs under the current engine, I'm really hyped to see what an engine purely dedicated to making them can do!
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    Challenging Combat

    The game should keep changing as the player progresses, nothing crazy and completely foreign to the player but enough to keep them from getting bored. Also eventually the enemies should start doing things players would do (using row formations to minimize damage taken, trying to use super...
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    Favorite Music Groups Poll

    While I checked everything but brass, given that I play in an orchestra I think we all know which group is my favorite.
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    Hello New Friends

    Glad to have you, welcome to the forums!
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    Game & Map Screenshots 8

    I like both but I think you should go with number 2.
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    What's your favorite thing to make/create? in RPGmv

    My favorite thing is probably making cutscenes. I dont know why but creating that perfect mood  and advancing the story is so satisfying to me once I get it right. Although it's sad to remove them when you realize you have too many...
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    How to work on my game while away from home?

    Ah, no I must've misunderstood. I have one of those laptops that converts so you can use it as both, would knowing its processor still be useful?
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    How to work on my game while away from home?

    1. My school gave us Ipads so when I was done with work I would log into Google Docs and work on my story and characters or use the time to research things like cool puzzles to implement. If I couldn't do that, I used note cards. One day I just grabbed a bunch of note cards and a ring for them...
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    The Overworld: Does it Belong in the Past?

    While I don't love world maps, I don't think that they should be phased out. They make things a lot simpler in my opinion and save the player from a lot of confused wandering.
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    Greetings, glad to have you with us!
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    Plot and Character Feedback

    I don't know about them getting  into their bodies so easily, but having only souls be able to use a specific gate makes perfect sense to me. After all, they'd have to stop humans from coming in and messing things up somehow (assuming of course that its a two way gate).

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