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    Voice sound when text is drawn?

    But how would I set it so the sound would play until all the text is drawn and stop when all the text is drawn. Is there a way to set up a common event that checks if text is being drawn and play a sound effect when it is?
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    Voice sound when text is drawn?

    Is there a script that would play a sound as text is being drawn on the screen, something similar to ds and gameboy rpgs where a mumble plays when characters talk, in the characters voice.
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    How to make text speed slower?

    Thank you.
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    How to make text speed slower?

    Lets say that I put \. to make the text wait 15 frames, I would have to do that after every single letter in every single dialogue, or after every word. Might there be a script that would do the same thing?
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    How to make text speed slower?

    When I display text for dialogues and stuff like that, the game draws the text way too fast. This makes it so the player can skip any line of text by pressing z or enter twice, the first time showing the rest of the text, the second one skipping it.  Is there a way to control how fast text in...
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    How to change desktop icon?

    So how do I change it, I tried mr but there were no good ones there. Does anyone know a website that has game icons? 

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ALPACARAPTOR SPRITE! (not animated yet, though :( )
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