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  • So proud of this one I couldnt help but share:
    Well I downloaded Discord.
    If anybody needs to contact me through that they can.
    No idea how it works though.
    Discord, eh? 

    One of us. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US.

    Haha, let me know if you get stuck with a feature or something. :D
    Hi ho, Hi ho, (I'd rather die than go to work this morning) but off to work I go...
    Snow White
    Snow White
    You could always whistle while you work! Then maybe your boss would get just irritated by it enough to give you a longer lunch break just to get you out of the way :p
    birthdays just get less and less exciting as you have them
    beenbaba's your birthday??? Happy birthday!
    Alexander Amnell
    Alexander Amnell
       Birthdays are for the young, the older you get the less there is for you to look forward to. When you are a kid they represent barriers broken and privileges gained, once those barriers are all broken however they become an unwelcome reminder of the inevitable, and that's why the excitement fades.

       Less exciting or not though, you can still enjoy them so happy birthday.
    Simon D. Aelsi
    Simon D. Aelsi
    Birthdays are awesome! They're a celebration of a life! :)

    Have a happy birthday, bruh. :D
    these last few days have been messy. Real messy. I've gotta go to court but I'll be back to work in just a bit.
    Man, hope everything goes ok :/
    A thought just came to me.

    Why does nobody use movies in their RPGmaker game?
    Wouldnt it be easier than eventing a complex cutscene with pictures and switches?
    Let's see...

    -Developers that cannot draw can't use it.

    -Takes a long time to render long videos.

    -Sometimes it can be jarring.

    -Won't work with some aesthetics (say NES).

    -You'll need to mess around with FFmpeg.

    -So on and so forth.
    Simon D. Aelsi
    Simon D. Aelsi
    cuz sum ppl dont have enough skillz to do that kind of stufff
    Shiroi Akuma
    Shiroi Akuma
    I know some RPG Maker Games with movies. However these scenes are computer animated and not hand drawn. 
    Several years ago I picked up Zoids Legacy for GBA for $3
    Decent game. Still has my favorite Rpg "normal battle" theme of all time.
    Finally got Windows 10.

    Now how do I remove it.
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    Victor Sant
    Victor Sant
    I really don't see a reason to update windows. I used XP until last year, and only updated to 7 because some new software I wanted to use weren't compatible. I will leave 7 only when this happens again.
    @Balako They already have that option... at least in Win10 Pro... I also recommend a tool called O & O Shut Up 10 that can force updates off as well as disable a lot of the data collection.
    Simon D. Aelsi
    Simon D. Aelsi
    Congratulations, Palmy. Bwahahahaha. "Palmy".
    Little brother set his alarm this morning to 6am...

    and 6:30. 6:45. 7:00 and God knows how many more times its gonna go off.

    He keeps turning it off and going back to sleep.
    I have given up all hope and reset my pc to factory conditions. 

    Goodbye everything that was on my 7 year old pc.

    Skype works now tho so yay :3
    Day 3. Multiple hours of various fixes sunk in and Skype is still broken. Getting desperate.
    would be easier to spend 1 hour reinstalling our operational system
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Guild Leader: Ladies,you got a Job for today. You have to Battle with Marauder,only Female must to this Job.
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RPG Maker MZ just crashed, please tell me I didn't just lose 4 hours of progress.
>be me with a separate game for testing
>NPC doesn't stay in new position after leaving the map
>looking for tutorials, nothing useful
>checks plugin of save even location and installs it
>testing the game

My current peak of boss design.
energy drinks have made this week SUPER productive so far lol. I finished one of my overworld maps, along with 2 other maps and a way to traverse to said overworld map.

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