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  • Inch by bloody flippin inch... i think I'm startin to make headway out of the deep waters and up to fresh air lol
    That's what my victim said after they got out their make-shift grave before I killed them outright...

    I MEAN, you don't say? <:
    You probably shouldn't be using a computer while deep-sea diving. If you stay distracted for too long, you might start to sink back to the bottom. That kind of pressure on your body is never good. Even worse, you might fry up your system.
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Fire-Emblem Style Level Up System, Boost on Class Change, And Animated Arrows | RPG Maker News #115

Why keyboards don't sleep? Because they have two shifts.
I realized a while ago my game was toooo big in scope. even now I wonder am I trying to do too much by myself. and that's after completely changing the format of the game.
Last week at SLC. Cali awaits. TBH I love SLC more than SF.
Back home now. I had a good time, but I had a checkup this morning so I had to come home for that. Now I'm just waiting for my therapist meeting tomorrow...
Decided to work on Wishful Wanda today. Since it's a BFB spinoff game, I decided to make the Huang brothers
Easter eggs! I'm actually pitching this to the BFDI team, btw.

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