Hello all! :) I'm a writer who uses Wattpad , so that means that anyone who needs a writer or someone to help develop dialogue, story, characters, ideas, locations, and etc., you can contact me and I'll happily help, but I may or may not take a while to actually finish whatever you want me to do; it naturally depends on what you want and the length. I will work for nothing in exchange, unless you're a skilled character sprite-maker, bust maker, or animated battler designer, then I might ask for something in return; it'd be rather small though, only one or two designs. And if you'd like to see a sample of my work without wanting to make a Wattpad account, which is completely free, then there will be a sample chapter and prologue of the novel that I'm attempting to write down below, which I'm also adapting into an RPG using RPG Maker. I hope you all enjoy and wish to work with me! :D


The malicious fires that had initially swept over the village had burned down to a low, but persistent orange kindling. The mutilated corpses of all the people were strewed about in unnatural positions. Men, women, and children were now the playthings of the gods, while their bodies were the playthings of demons.            

        All the while, a lone woman walked past the desecration of the village and lorded over the variety of monstrosities that were playing with their victims. Not a sound was heard, other than the low, crackling of the fires, the repulsive sounds of tearing flesh, and blood quietly pooling over the dead. As the woman passed by, the unholy beings cowered in fear as their purple-cloaked mistress came near. As she took in the scene of sheer death and destruction, a small grin passed over her beautiful face in satisfaction. He's coming.

Chapter One: Troy's Wood​
A sword flashes overhead, and is immediately deflected. "Amateurs," Zachariah said. With a flash of his dual swords that immediately decapitated the marauder.

        Zachariah then drew two of his throwing knives, and directed them into the throats of the marauders.

       After the skirmish was done, Zachariah checked up on his comrades to see if they were wounded. "Is everyone still alive?"

        "Of course," Tialis replied nonchalantly.

        "I thought these morons would at least give us a few jollies," Alger said disappointedly. He tilted his blood-soaked claymore toward the ground.

       "Either way, we need to return what they stole back to the people at Shepherd’s Pasture," X reminded them, despite the fact that they already knew that.

        "Then we get to receive a special job from Marcus," Tialis mentioned. "With our luck, we might get to babysit one of the nobles," Tialis continued. He rolled his amber-colored eyes sarcastically in that odd way that elves do. His longer, gorgeous hair dripping lightly with blood and onto his face; it tends to happen when you throw someone up into the air and impale them onto a sword. 

        "Honestly! Why did we get a job that some of the local guards could handle?" Alger asked. "For that matter, why not some random mercenaries?"

        "Because it's what we're being paid to do, and there were thirty bandits. Last I checked, the militia at Shepherd’s Pasture consists of farmers and merchants with nicked swords and old armor," Zachariah answered.

        "Not to mention that your run of the mill mercenary group may as well be bandits; thieving, killing, and doing what else brings in coin with absolutely no finesse," X brought up in continuation.

         "Really? Felt like ten bandits to me," Alger said.

         "As I said before, amateurs."

        They were setting up camp about five hours after returning the loot to their contact at Shepherd’s Pasture. The group was still about a day away from Duke Marcus' castle in Alexia, while they were in the middle of Troy's Wood. It was rumored that the wood of the trees housed spirits of the forest, both good and evil. It was the end of fall, so the green forest of pine trees was speckled with some of the freshly fallen snow from the light fall last night, and many of the other trees that were leaf-barren. The forest floor was painted orange and yellow, with a chilling breeze gusting up the fallen leaves and some of the snow.

        X lit the campfire with a simple fire spell, Ember, as the group called it. X has olive skin, brown eyes, is fairly tall, and has black hair with two beads that change color in the front left side of his hair. X would usually wear his signature blue symbiote, Corvo, in the form of what appeared to be combat robes that were fitting for a wizard, which would allow him to draw magic from his environment. The wizard also wields his long sword made of pure emerald in one hand, and frequently used magic in the other.              

        The Knights of Aurora all have swords made of pure gemstones (enforced by ancient magic used by the unknown creator of the symbiotes and weapons to make the weapons unbreakable), symbiotic armor that is of varying levels of hardness, depending on what form they take, and are as light as air, no matter what form they take. The symbiotes were also with the weapons of the Knights when they found old, abandoned, magical ruins that Marcus had ordered them to investigate when they were all fourteen, although not by choice.

        They are connected, the Knights and their symbiotes. The symbiotes are fully conscious beings that bonded to the Knights on contact back when the beings appeared to be nothing more than colored ingots. The symbiotes are essentially a second skin to the Knights, can form what appears to be armor, fabric, or leather that can also retract into their skin, enhances their natural skills and senses, unlocked the magical potential inside of them, and gave them each a useful and unique skill.

        Zachariah, X, Alger, and Tialis each have monikers that were given to them by the people of Aurora, and the names spread through the entire world of Ebonheart; X is the Blue Warmage.

        All four of the Auroran mercenaries could perform magic, but X was the best suited to it and was the planner of the group and magical expert.

        "Are you sure we should stay here, Zachariah?" X asked. "The spirits become a bit wilder during the winter.

        "As long as we take watch shifts during the night, we'll live."

        Ten minutes afterward, Zachariah took out the camping gear from what they'd been carrying and was getting it ready, Alger and Tialis returned from hunting. "What's for dinner?" asked Zachariah.

        "We plan to make venison stew with glowing mushrooms and spices that Al' found," Tialis jubilantly responded; he has a fondness for stew.

        "I've told you guys ever since we were kids, not to call me Al'!" Alger said to Tialis irritated.

        "We know. We just do it to amuse ourselves," Tialis replied. He was grinning mischievously, with a twinkle in his unique almond-shaped eyes. The twinkle was made by magic, and used solely to annoy anyone.

        "He is right," Zachariah confirmed.

Tialis is the group's bowman and scout, and he is the White Archer. Tialis is usually found wearing his white symbiote, Anya, in the fashion of light, loose white cloth with a hood and cloak that makes it easy to be agile and maneuverable, as well as to hide a little when necessary. Anya makes it so that Tialis can add any type of magic onto his arrows, as if they were a poison.                     

         He is one of the few pure-blooded elves in Aurora, and the only elf in the group; with the rest of them being completely human. Tialis has dark black hair that goes down a little past his ears with blue and red streaks in his hair from his full-blooded ancestry. He's slightly shorter than X; making him the shortest of the group. The elven archer a scar along his forehead from some old fights, lightly- tanned skin, and the trademark pointy ears of an elf, as well as having an age expectancy ranging from a few centuries to almost a thousand years; all with barely showing physical aging until he's about five hundred years old. Although, elves do have their bodies change until they finish puberty; that's one of the few similarities humans and elves share, but that finished quite a long time ago.

        Most people assume all elves are just magic-users, a huge misconception, so most opponents wouldn't usually expect him to fight with his bow, or when he engages in melee combat. But that was up until the rising fame of the Knights, and then Tialis's advantage of surprise in that area was gone with the wind.

      Alger is the Black Swordsman, wearing his black symbiotic Veil that enables him to become invisible, or as he phrases it, "One with the shadows.” The most common form that he wears is a combination of a heavy, long, very dark leather coat mixed with cloths of varying shades of grays and black. His weapon of choice: a sapphire claymore that's almost five feet long. Alger is taller than everyone else, by varying degrees. He has light skin, grey eyes, and long brown hair that usually looks messy.

        Zachariah is the Crimson Knight and the leader of the Knights of Aurora; the greatest and most renowned mercenaries in all of Aurora and throughout much of the Mortal Lands. Zachariah wears the red symbiote, Artemis, with the usual attire bearing similarities to what Tialis usual wears, except without the hood and cloak, but also light and loose in various shades of red. What Artemis does for Zachariah is to allow him to sense living people and creatures in his general area.  The warrior wields dual white swords made out of adamantine, making the swords look almost like foggy diamonds. Zachariah has silver hair, but it used to be golden before he came into contact with Artemis. Zachariah has eyes as blue as sapphires, a faint scar near his left cheek bone that goes close to his chin from an old contract that happened many years ago, fair skin, and he's the exact same height as X.                    

        None of them were related in the slightest, but they were all brothers, no matter what was said or done. They were all around the age of twenty six years old, although most of them looked a little younger than that.

        "Did you two see anything odd out," Zachariah asked?

        "Yeah, we did actually," Alger replied.

        "What was it?"

        "We found a pack of mutilated wolves. All that was left of them was blood everywhere within about a yard and damaged skeletons. Why do you ask, Boss?" Boss being the group's nickname for Zachariah when they were street thieves as orphans.

        "X said that the spirits around here get wild during the winter," the Crimson Knight answered his question.

        "Anything special that we have to do tonight then?" Tialis asked. Tialis dumped the contents of the small, brown sack into the bubbling pot and was stirred the meat that was submerged in the water.

        "We'll do shifts like we do every night and possibly add some wards for some additional protection, just in case these superstitions prove to be true."

        "My thoughts exactly, Zachariah," X said approaching to them, his footsteps crunching the leaves beneath him and his breath leaving some white haze in the air. "I just finished installing the wards. The wards will protect up to four feet away from the horses and two feet away from the opposite edge of camp."

        "Good work, X," Zachariah commended. "Let's get started on dinner and then set up watch times."

        Little did they know that they were being watched by a being of malicious intent. After all, the creature did like to watch its prey.

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