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  • I'm back fam!

    Been some months, basically got burnt out on coding, then irl things kicked in as they do around winter & bam!
    I disappeared for a few months lol.

    Made a surprising amount of progress in the short time I been back, so guess the break did me well tho.

    Hope y'all had good holiday times & are keeping safe & all that.

    Now onward!
    Time to conquer the coding behind how the cursor works!
    When you first learn about Arrays:
    "Oh that makes sense, simple enough."
    When you then try learning about various Array methods:
    "Okaaaaaay, I think I still got this."
    When you then start making your own Arrays and splicing them together with other Arrays:
    "I did NOT expect this to get so complicated."

    My third script is out!
    Something that I thought would've been simple to do but ended up taking 12+ hours of research to figure out lol!

    Still really enjoying figuring out how to make the scripts people request that interest me though, the sense of satisfaction you get when ya finally "solve" one is like no other I've experienced.
    Me trying to get to work earlier than Scene_Battle is prepared to let it work:

    Update: I won. Screw you (game related) time! :p
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    Boy oh boy, figuring out how Enemies target ya is quite the learning adventure.
    Think I'm nearing its end though... hopefully.
    ...somewhere along the way that variable is being used so you can pass it into and out of all the subsequent methods it calls until you get it where you need it. I had to do that so I could have Critical Rates be adjusted based on what Skill ID was being used in Ace... and oh man that was a pain >.<
    To be really honest I like the GameMaker Studio approach much more - you can just call the name or Instance ID of any object in your room, and use that to access any of its properties since any object in your room is always "in scope" of an event.
    That GameMaker approach sounds interesting, I'm sticking with RPG Maker for the next X years first though :)
    When you're editing a new and improved version of one of your scripts and notice a flaw that unravels a lot of methods...

    Hoh boy. Time to tie those threads back up!
    Yaaay! My second public script is out and approved! A VX Ace Final Fantasy IX styled Throw Script!

    I look forward to all the constructive feedback I get but most importantly I hope everyone who ends up using it enjoys!

    Yaaaay! Making scripts is fun lol. :D
    Try this: make a game
    Working on it!
    I did a pretty big prologue with VX Ace without any scripting knowledge back in April/May.
    Then I hit a bit of a wall with what I wanted to do vs what I was able to do without scripting and boom, I decided to learn Ruby and RGSS3 lol.
    Pfft, nobody here makes games. That's just weird. :LZSwink:
    Unfortunately, since you have closed your topic, I will drop this here as a drawback of changing the damage formula on the fly.

    Your damage formula will be permanently changed for the rest of the game. Until you reset your game, it will be reset back to what it originally was.
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    If that's what I think it is (didn't see the topic), it also means if player returns to title screen and chooses New Game, the new/altered damage formula will be active and not the original one that maybe should be active from the start of the game. Shouldn't change database stuff on the fly without a script/plugin for new game & save files.
    Alrighty, I'll post another thread on the topic then (with screenshots from original thread and this convo here).
    I'm still also currently trying to figure out how to make it so if ___ is true, then multiply the regular result of the damage formula by X (2 for example, or 3, 4, 5, 100 or whatever).
    Will post it within the next 5 mins.
    Made a new thread (Adding things to a complete damage formula [VX Ace]) covering your comments and my own extended issues with my original solution.

    Took a tad longer than 5 minutes as I wanted to make sure it was detailed so everyone understood what was up.

    Please take a look and share your thoughts when you have the chance.
    Uploaded my first public script!

    It was based on a specific request so it's not very general purpose yet, but feelsgood to be making scripts to share with people :).
    Will probably edit it into a more general purpose build in the next couple days.

    Really enjoying scripting these days, started learning me first programming language (Ruby) about 4 months ago and all that learning's really starting to pay off!
    Finally figuring something out that's had you stuck for hours and hours is a hell of a good feeling :D lol.

    Feeling like no-one's heard what you were actually trying to say when asking for help is a bummer feeling :/

    OG Post:
    When someone posts an unhelpful response to your question but everyone thinks they've answered your question and thus no-one else tries to help. Q_Q
    Edited the original status update for clarity, sorry if it came across rude.
    More impatient than rude. But yes, Ace is an older engine, and a lot of the people who have/had experience with it are gone now for various reasons. You might need to wait a day or two for a helpful response, and if 72 hours pass and nothing, you can bump it to bring it back into view (this is what we do rather than starting a new thread)
    @Shaz I'll try to keep any future status updates more about accomplishments and positive fun things rather than me running into metaphorical walls and feeling low as a result then. Sorry again for bringing down the mood. I'm too used to being negative/self-loathing on twitter! Lol.
    Don't suppose anyone knows how to make additional Actor Command Windows in VX Ace?
    Trying to figure this out is proving most difficult.
    Thanks for the comments, already did create a post in RGSS3 Script Requests the other day though. This was just a sort of update on my attempts lol. If you've any ideas please do check out the post. I figured out the second thing, but making additional Actor Command Windows has me stumped :/
    If you already have a thread and you haven't gotten any responses (or it's gone quiet), you can bump it once every 72 hours. So if it's more than 3 days since the last post in that thread, just go in and add a new post with "bump" as the text, to bring it up to the top of the list again to get more views.
    Good to know, thanks.
    My first ever post has been posted!

    It's just me asking for pointers in Ruby code but hopefully some cool ppl respond... as this one's proven quite the head scratcher.

    Anyhoo, if that post goes well I might stick around.
    Not used to being part of communities, but helping ppl out making games & in turn being helped out with your own seems really neat.

    Let's all work together to make some wonderful fictions!
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