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    Changing Variable Value to Word

    Basically, I'm trying to make a journal that reads off various stats. I tried doing this as a whole page, with Yanfly's Message Core plugin, but each time I use an if statement, it counts as a new page. So I have to get them to read stats on a whole page, while also counting it as one page...
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    Changing Variable Value to Word

    They pretty much have the right of it. I got the basis down, which was a great jumping point. I just need to fix the code, since I'm getting a bit of an error. It'll display Hunger: Very Hungry, and then numerals after as when you move from each area, I have an event in each area adding or...
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    Changing Variable Value to Word

    Alright, I think I gotcha. Thanks again.
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    Changing Variable Value to Word

    I'm not the best at explaining things, so I'll do the best I can, and thanks in advance. So, I was wondering if there was a way to make it so that instead of making text show a specific value, it would instead show a word. For example: I know if you put; Hunger: \V[0001], it'll show...
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    Phantom Antiquary

    I think I can understand the design choice, though. By the looks of it, menus and item/action screens look like they take up a lot of window space on their own. So, adding some of the quick functions on the main screen is understandable. Now, can it be streamlined to look less crowded. Sure, of...
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    Phantom Antiquary

    This... This, I like. I'm loving that HUD. I have to ask; Ace VX or MV?
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    Labyrinth ~A Tale of Remembrance~ [Demo here!]

    I might have to do a little looking into, to make sure. However, on testing, it worked very much like a bridge, thus that's what I used it. This will probably change later in development. The demo coming out later today should cover the first area, as that's almost done (suns some secret or...
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    Labyrinth ~A Tale of Remembrance~ [Demo here!]

    First off, hello everyone, it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm not one for the greatest of descriptions and such, so lets get down to it. I present to you... Labyrinth ~A Tale of Remembrance~ Genre: Mystery/RPG Demo: ...
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    Pixel World! (RMW World:Resurrected!)

    "Rules: -Team event! No solo entries please." - Taken from the GameJam page.  Clarified by McBacon in the thread, a little ways down.  So, yes, it is a team event. 
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    Where did you buy RPG Maker MV (or any RPG Maker) from?

    I got MV from steam. I also got VX Ace from it. Only reason is while they do come out much later, it's easier to keep track of any resources and all that come up for the engine.  I'm kinda lazy like that. :X
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    Feeling like your game sucks

    I would say do both; submit it to people for feedback. However, in that same token, take it with a grain a salt. I say this, because it's supposed to be a gift, from you, to this person. No one will understand the connection between you two, or anything you convey through it. On a gameplay or...
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    Best/Favourite music in a RPG Maker game

    I'm gonna have to pull one from To The Moon as well, and say, "Everything's Alright". Hit home with the game and all. I still tear up listening to it. 
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    Feeling like your game sucks

    Honestly, I've considered everything I've done so far, for as short as its been, as a learning experience when it's come to game development. I've received criticism multiple times, but instead of letting it get me down, I took in in strides, and took on the attitude of "Alright, so, this part I...
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    What am I even doing?

    I had a very similar situation when I first started. Even now, I've currently taken a project I've started with, and after learning quite a bit about the engine, have revamped the whole mess again and again. It's part of the process. Everyone does it at one point or another. 
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    Hardest thing to implement?

    Preach it.

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