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    Plus many hours making assets.
    I'm getting close...yet, still so far to go - and I've been documenting it. Watch my streams. I'm gonna rant about the RPG maker community tonight:
    Y'all hear Dunkey just started an indie publishing company? I don't think my game is fit, but I applied anyways. Some of y'all got some really outstanding games, so I think you should throw your hat in the ring. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    Not every RM game is a JRPG, and it doesn't cost to apply :LZSsmile:. It only took me about 5 minutes to apply, so.... Like I said: nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    As for the disconnect, I think he's basically doing what Devolver is doing: weird games that'd never have a chance because they are high concept, but with a strong marketing arm from Devolver they find an audience.:LZSsmile:
    But a lot of there are. Which is unfortunate for those folks.
    I am very curious to see what he picks up. I'm hinting at the fact that a lot of the games he quoted- while indie- still had budgets in the millions. I know he's rich from being a popular YouTuber, but does he have the ability to just throw 10 mil at a project?
    The answer is probably yes and no. Yes: he probably has enough to fund a game enough to make it marketable, no he probably can't front AA cash for many, but a bank will on his behalf, and: that's how business works, just smart use of resources and allocation of funds. If he approved my game, I'd be worried he's approving the right kind of games (but still be thankful). :LZSlol:
    Hey folks! I'm going to be streaming some IGMC games in 10 minutes - link below (and if you see this later, don't worry, there is an archive for you to watch later.)
    I don't normally do this kind of post, and likely won't in the future, but more attention for the stream means more attention on these games, benefiting everyone, including the developers.
    A bit late to bring this up but I enjoyed that long "reputation" video you made for RPG Maker, and that it's always nice to have a new person put their voice to the conversation. (The discourse threads here tend to get pretty crazy.)
    I hope to do more like it in the future, but that video took a long time to put together; between my job, second job, and game, it's tough to dedicate time to the research of another video. But one day, hopefully soon :LZSsmile:
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welp, thanks to Luna MV, I was able to add the Balloon as a window... thus allowing me to edit the font color and outline... so now it looks like comic bubbles above characters. I have NO idea why I couldn't get this to work through more conventional means, but here we are.
I cannot cease doing cute art
War and Wonder is a 100% choice-based open-world visual novel.
Going live soon on Twitch, and will continue Fortunastreet's game "Verloren". For those who are curious, you are welcome to join ;)

-> Franz' Twitch channel
still cursed with having an issue then solving it myself as soon as someone else explains it to me/is trying to help.

sure hope nobody thinks im weird not responding to them after they're only trying to help.

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