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    Ink Integration

    It uses the normal RMMV/RMMZ message box, so any plugins you have that interact with the message box should work normally. If the plugins need escape codes to work, you'll need to put the escape codes in the Ink script, but you need to add extra backslashes: If you would normally use one...
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    Ink Integration

    Awesome, glad I could help!
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    Ink Integration

    If it works in the data folder and not in the ink folder, try to download the latest script again. It shouldn't be able to find it in the data folder anymore. Your ==dramatis_personae== is fine! If you want to change expressions, then you can make use of the expression() function. There's a...
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    Yet Another Battle AI Script (MZ and MV)

    LWP_AiAdjustments 1.0 Logan Pickup Introduction Allows adjusting when enemies use skills, and who they use them on. It doesn't add any additional steps to the enemy AI; it just allows better control over the "rating" in enemy action patterns, and over the "tgr" special parameter, allowing them...
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    Invisible/swappable tilesets plugin

    LWP_InvisibleTiles Logan Pickup Introduction Allows using a different tileset image when using the RPG Maker editor and when running the game. Useful for parallax mapping or for visualising secret passages, etc. in regular tile-based mapping. Screenshots How to Use There are two ways to use...
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    Ink Integration

    Glad you're liking the plugin! #interrupt is broken! I don't use it much myself, and I broke it accidentally. I'll fix it soon. I've mostly been focusing on having the name defined in Ink, not RMMV, so I haven't handled that case very well - there's no sync from RMMV back to Ink. However, I...
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    "Overheating" Mechanics

    If you go with a single heat meter, instead of locking out skills/attacks you can add debuffs or other negative states, or even take damage. For some fights it might be worth having one of your characters use a high-tier attack twice in a row, overheat, and take a debuff, but you still have...
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    "Overheating" Mechanics

    To give an existing turn-based example, the Battletech board game has a heat system! It applies to all actions your battlemech can do - moving, firing weapons, etc. It's conceptually similar to reverse, regenerating MP as described above, although it also adds negative effects if your heat...
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    RMMV How to write a plugin which checks if an image is part of a list?

    You needn't close the thread, those problems are much simpler than in your original question! To create a plugin parameter that's a list of image names: @param allowList @type file[] @dir img/pictures This goes with the rest of the plugin parameters, you should be able to find them. You should...
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    RMMV How to write a plugin which checks if an image is part of a list?

    You can use ImageManager.requestPicture() (or any of the ImageManager.request...() functions). It won't show the error screen, it will only try once (the regular load... functions will retry several times before showing the error), and you can use the isError() function to see if there was an...
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    RMMV Using YEP_ShopMenuCore, making a 'Buy Only' Shop...

    Here's a quick-and-dirty way to handle it, create a new plugin (or paste it at the end of an existing one, whatever!) and add this: const LWPImmediateBuy_oldScene_Shop_create = Scene_Shop.prototype.create; Scene_Shop.prototype.create = function() {...
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    RMMV Run python on RMMV

    JS doesn't really have any limitations compared to python - there are some things that can be expressed more easily in python (list comprehensions come to mind), but nothing that will actually limit a developer. If you're determined to use python there are options, but IMO learning javascript...
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    Ink Integration

    Minor update: the exported ink file (by default should now be put in the "ink" subfolder, instead of the "data" subfolder. Unlike RMMV, when RMMZ detects changes to the "data" folder (like exporting a new it tries to reload data in the editor, which will...
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    Ink Integration

    Here's a pretty rough test project: Although it turns out that there was a bug with the common_event hashtag that caused a crash, so that was probably the problem you were having. A new version with the bug fixed has been uploaded to the github link; please use that instead of the version in...
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    Ink Integration

    About This plugin integrates Ink with RPG Maker MZ/MV. This allows you to write all your dialogue in Ink and display it using a simple plugin command, which for me at least is much easier than managing message box events! Features Run Ink scripts starting from arbitrary knots/stitches Start...

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