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    Ink Integration

    Minor update: the exported ink file (by default should now be put in the "ink" subfolder, instead of the "data" subfolder. Unlike RMMV, when RMMZ detects changes to the "data" folder (like exporting a new it tries to reload data in the editor, which will...
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    Ink Integration

    Here's a pretty rough test project: Although it turns out that there was a bug with the common_event hashtag that caused a crash, so that was probably the problem you were having. A new version with the bug fixed has been uploaded to the github link; please use that instead of the version in...
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    Ink Integration

    About This plugin integrates Ink with RPG Maker MZ/MV. This allows you to write all your dialogue in Ink and display it using a simple plugin command, which for me at least is much easier than managing message box events! Features Run Ink scripts starting from arbitrary knots/stitches Start...
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    Need help change to frontview battler damaged animation

    The animations are centered on the image, so an easy way to fix this without a plugin is to pad the battler image on one side. It looks like place you want the animation is the centre of the screen - so just widen the image on the left side so the image is the same size as the screen. The...
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    Variables that store numbers

    Another way you can do it is just with a ton of different items: fish1inch, fish2inches, fish3inches, etc. When you want to check a fish, you can then let the player select which fish to compare, and have a nice big nested set of if... blocks to check the item id and set the appropriate size...
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    Will you deliberately write uncommon bad codes with strange poor designs to make plagiarisms easier to prove?

    We can take @Tsukihime's and @Trihan's idea further by using steganography - hiding sensitive data inside ordinary data. One way to use this is to have a fingerprint - such as the invisible characters - but have it also be a part of the data your plugin uses, so that if it's removed the plugin...
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    Is this a good way to fudge percentages of things happening?

    Nit: although PRNG does stand for pseudorandom number generator, it does not mean the system described above for League of Legends. PRNG refers to any one of many methods for generating a number that appears random, although it isn't actually random (hence "pseudo"). Good ones have a good...
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    Ink Integration

    Updated: the Ink plugin now supports localisation! If you are using either Iavra MasterLocalization or DK Localization, the Ink plugin will detect it and will load a language-specific Ink script instead (instead of loading, it will load, for example). It...
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    Is this a good way to fudge percentages of things happening?

    Before reading this thread I probably would have just shown the percentage! Now I'm more likely to go with one of the options I described above, most of which are variations on "bucketed" descriptions of chance: 5-20% being either "doomed", a black icon, or a sad emoji, 20-50% being "risky", a...
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    Is this a good way to fudge percentages of things happening?

    Yes, you're right. Not sure what I was thinking! The ratio of total damage actually dealt versus the expected damage dealt (based on the displayed % to Hit) is higher with 55->62, in the same exact way that the ratio of actual hits vs. expected hits is higher for the 55->62 level. (The point...
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    Is this a good way to fudge percentages of things happening?

    It might seem like lying, but this is actually a way of bringing reality in line with expectation - and human expectation regarding percentage chances is not realistic, which is why some games do this. Fire Emblem has already been mentioned, and the designer of XCOM 2 talks about why they did it...
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    Hoping someone can make this compatible with Yanfly's Self Switches and Variables

    The modifications to Galv's plugin don't work with Yanfly's because the Yanfly plugin relies on the "current event" when a switch/variable is being accessed, and the whole point of Galv's plugin is to change switches on a different event. The lunatic mode section will help you, though! I'll...
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    Items that can only be sold to certain shops?

    Silly mistake, my bad! The line: Window_ItemList.prototype.includes = function(item) { Should be: Window_ShopSell.prototype.includes = function(item) { I've updated the post above with the fix, too.
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    Items that can only be sold to certain shops?

    Yep, it turns out that's pretty simple. New version below:
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    In-battle skill depending on remaining MP

    No problem! Glad it was useful :)

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