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    FREE A little Shard- Project Recruitmen

    If you’re still interested in voice actors, I’m available and would be happy to help out!
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    FREE The Legend of Zelda: Servants of Darkness (Fan Game) Recruitment Thread

    Just sent you an email regarding voice acting. :)
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    Hello, if you're looking for voice actors I'd be happy to audition and lend a hand.
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    TRADE Above & Below Project Recruitment

    I'd be interested in voice acting! Do you have any sample lines to record?
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    FREE Elemental Light - 1 Female Voice Actor Needed Please!

    @Lilly I tried to send it to you directly but it wouldn't let me, so here's the soundcloud link. Thank you for the opportunity, and have a wonderful evening!
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    FREE Elemental Light - 1 Female Voice Actor Needed Please!

    I’ll send in my audition once I get home from work! Thank you for the opportunity!
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    Hello there!

    Hello! I'm fairly new here, despite having created this account ages ago. Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. I'm Katee, and I consider myself an amateur voice actress hoping to one day be a part of some really cool games!
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    TRADE Welcome to the Lorelei Project! (Angel/Demon themes)

    What kind of characters are you seeking voice acting for?

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