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    FREE Gaia Star Looking for Team

    Hey, I am interested in composing for your game. Here are some samples of my work: :)
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    Yeah working on the first song now :)

    Yeah working on the first song now :)
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    Hey! I'm interested in composing for your game. PM me if you want my music :)
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    FREE In Desperate Need Of A Composer

    I am interested in working with you on your project. My specialty is orchestral music, however I am well versed in music theory and want to compose more in the 'chiptune' style. Examples of my work: Lemme know if you are interested <3
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    Post Your Music

    Whats up guys and gals? I am an experienced musician starting to compose, and was wondering if anyone could give me some support/feedback on my first published Fantasy track! If you ever want to discuss music or have me write something for your game feel free to dm me. ~BigBadWolf
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    If anyone needs music for their game, call the big bad wolf (me).

    If anyone needs music for their game, call the big bad wolf (me).

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