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  1. Does anyone know where I can get a character from a constructor?

    you're welcome n.n thanks to you, I didn't know it was said that way
  2. Does anyone know where I can get a character from a constructor?

    It's something like this hehe, it's that my English is not very good, and where I come from, this is known as "constructor"
  3. Does anyone know where I can get a character from a constructor?

    I've been looking for a character from a constructor, but I couldn't find any, does anyone know where they can be?
  4. What does the (save BGM) option work for?

    oh well, I understand bro, I see why many people do not talk about that function, I do not see much use xD
  5. What does the (save BGM) option work for?

    Hello everyone, while I have been making my video game, every time I look for the option to play a BGM, I always see the option to save BGM, but I never knew what it works for, I have tried it, but absolutely nothing happens that I know of, Can someone tell me what it is for?
  6. RMMV Help with YEP_CoreEngine

    Hello, I am trying to change the HP parameters to my characters, I want them to have more HP than the program allows, so I downloaded this plugin, but according to the tags that the plugin has, I do not see any in which that can be changed parameter, the strangest thing is that this plugin can...
  7. A simple event that can hit you, but you can hit them?

    I think the easiest way to do it is with the Chrono Engine complement, it is a complement that makes your game can do the ABS battle style, (Real-time battle) that complement can do what you need, and also can do many more things with that complement, I recommend you take a look, its creator is...
  8. RMMV System abandoning a mission?

    wow, honestly I did not imagine it so easy hahaha, thank you very much, it worked for me
  9. How to reduce the life of the actor by means of percentage?

    Hello everyone, I am doing an event where for example: If the life of the actor is equal to 70%, something happens. I tried to do it through variables and conditional derivations that the program offers me, but the life of the actor can only be decreased by means of points, not by...
  10. RMMV System abandoning a mission?

    Hello everyone, I wanted to know if anyone knows of a plugin in which when the player is doing the mission, but for some reason they want to abandon the mission and then come back later to do it, make all the events and maps that are within the mission reset from where they were, is that...
  11. Export Messages to Text (.txt)

    Hello, when I try to use the plugin I get this error, I already saw the comments and I see that it has been updated, but for some reason it is not working for me, I have windows 10
  12. RMMV How to make conditional derivations with the HP of the enemies?

    Hi everyone, I'm doing an ABS style battle mode with the MOG Chrono Engine add-on, but I would like to make events during battles, for example when the enemy's HP reaches 50% or up to that point, something happens, a dialogue or something like that, I have achieved it with the actor through...
  13. RMMV issues with chrono engine (ABS) enemies

    Hello everyone, I am doing an ABS type mechanic with the Mog Hunter plugin which is chrono engine, everything is fine, but I have a strange problem, I don't know if it is a plugin problem or I am doing something wrong, when I use the script: this.touchDamage (true) on an enemy, the attack it...

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