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    RMMZ Removing Mobile Menu Icon?

    Is there a way to keep the TouchUI button, but remove its transparency?
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    Will there be a Linux version of MZ?

    just offering a suggestion while people wait to see if a linux version comes. didnt realise it would get quite that reaction!
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    Will there be a Linux version of MZ?

    linux support came couple of years into MVs cycle even though it ran fine under wine. MZ demo also runs fine under wine so I am hopeful for linux release in the future
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    Shatter transition battle effect plugin error analysis (REQUEST COMPLETE)

    I dont know what the problem is, but I can also confirm that both mog's & the gradient transition plugins work on my 1.6.2 project. I've actually been using the gradient transfer plugin as a base to create a pixel mosiac transfer plugin... sadly its not working yet!
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    Lighting and Time Editor - Continued!

    Ive seen that error with this plugin. I believe it was when i had manually upgraded the NWJS binarys. Reverting to 1.6 NWJS and it went away... Hope it helps you too
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    Silver's Dash Stamina

    I don't know about the bars as ive not been using them, but glad I could help a little
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    Silver's Dash Stamina

    I had to change line 1034 to look like this: this.addChild(Silv.DashStamina.Window); //, Silv.DashStamina.Window_Z)
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    Silver's Dash Stamina

    how did you fix the error?
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    Trouble Using SRD_WalkCharBattlers & YEP_BattleEngineCore together

    I'm trying to use SRD_WalkCharBattlers.js with yanflys battle core, and it seems to disable the enemy selection using a mouse. keyboard works as normal, removing SRD_WalkCharBattlers and the behavior is back to normal. Placing SRD_WalkCharBattlers.js above yanflys battle core and the mouse...
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    I swapped out VE_BattlerGraphicSetup.js and replaced it with the plugin SRD_WalkCharBattlers.js but im still getting an error trying to use it in my project. this time the error reads: TypeError: sprites[i].startEntry is not a function at Spriteset_Battle.startEnemyEntry...
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    I got an error trying it out, tried positioning plugin at top & bottom of list, same results. TypeError: Cannot read property 'addLoadListener' of undefined at Sprite_CharsetEnemy.Sprite_AnimatedEnemy.updateBitmapSetup (/js/plugins/VE_BattlerGraphicSetup.js:2530:38) at...
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    Battle Results - Item Quantities

    thankyou, I got it working in the end after more reading through yanflys code. Made a second array with only one of each item name... looped through that, each time counting the occurances that match in the first array. I see someone on the thread I linked was asking the same question so once...
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    Debug RMMV plugins with VS Code

    I've only just started working with plugins but debugging with a proper IDE is a total game-changer for me, so thankyou very much for sharing this information
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    Lighting Plugin Recommendation

    I'm using this one I had troubles getting the others to work and I really like the option to use an in-game editor as well

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