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    Script call for region ID?

    Create a parallel event that controls this situation with respect to the "squirrel" with the following condional call scipt command: If you want something to happen when the event enters that region: $[event_id].region_id == n event_id = event number n == region number Example...
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    Conditional branch "If player is facing event [ID]" script call

    I think than Something more simplified could this be: ($[?].y - $game_player.y) == 0 && ($[?].x - $game_player.x) == -2 && $game_player.direction == 4 To check if the player is watching a certain event at a certain distance and facing direction.
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    Real time day-night cycle

    Yes, simply configure the variables for what you want to use, then you must add the conversion to an integel (to a number) so that it can be compared by a condition event => ".to_i" So in the configuration of the variable (script box) it should look like this: ("% I").To_i...
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    Galv's Character Effects BUG -please help-

    I'm not a scripter, but I can give you some of how to raise the problem so they can help you: 1) Describe your problem in the most detailed way you can. 2) Post a screenshot of the events in which the problem is created. 3) If you have problems with scripts, you must provide the scripters...
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    I understand that anti-scripts are not really "anti-lag" they only stop exercising unnecessary events. In this post they talk about the Zeus's script and the "anti-lag" scripts. Edit: I could...
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    Real time day-night cycle

    Ruby already has a class Time. You could use it via events by common event, read the instructions well
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    How to apply a cloak skill

    Well, it occurs to me that he/she could request a script addon that works with 1 of the 2 types of script (With the counter or the reflect) logically, I would say to work with the reflect script, since it has implemented the method that detects the id of the element that the enemy used or that...
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    How to apply a cloak skill

    You could try this by combining a 2 Yanfly scripts: State Animations Element Reflect
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    change game end to get the map

    We would like you to explain better what you want. 1) If you want to do it when it involves a battle, you can do it in a controlled way through the event "battle progression" checking the box "continue even when loser". 2) If you don't want to do it through a battle, you can emulate it through...
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    Visual Cues for Damage states?

    For example In the parallel process: If [Actor1] is [Downing] inflited 1) if $game_player.moving? Control Variable[your variable]+=1 else (if you like) if $game_player.dash? Control Variable[your variable]+=1 end 2) if [your variable] == 5...
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    Visual Cues for Damage states?

    Make a test creating a contidional call script box: To determine if the player is walking $game_player.moving? To determine if the player is running $game_player.dash? Edit: Also creates a variable without calling the step count, instead, it creates a variable that adds 1 (1 point) each step...
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    recruitable NPC

    Well, then use the switch and seft switches method.
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    recruitable NPC

    In the condition part of the event, check box "actor" if "x" actor exists in you party then "delete" the NPC or create the NPC. For the npc that activates recruitment, 2 pages: In the first for the character recruitment sequence. On the second page, check the "actor" box in the conditional...
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    Hidden Game.exe Crash Debugger - Graphical Object Global Reference ACE

    The first option worked! Thanks! :thumbsup-right::):thumbsup-right: Postdata: @Roninator2 I commented the lines of the same script from 1028 to 1057 because the game interpreter was running a "eval script" on line 1037, so I eliminated the function of creating "help windows" from it.
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    Hidden Game.exe Crash Debugger - Graphical Object Global Reference ACE

    I have the battle system set up as it is in the scripts. At the time of the tests I have nothing activated, if it is a parallel event I activate it manually, but what in the maps are events that are activated by action buton o player touch. EDIT: I have several events with stepping animation...

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