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  1. Looking for a specific song (Tears of the lich king?)

    Nope none of those. It was an electric guitar the whole way through, umm, if I remember right and I'm not sure that I do it was a post somewhere on the forums linking to the persons sound cloud, which I imagine makes it almost impossible to find again. Thanks for the post though.
  2. Looking for a specific song (Tears of the lich king?)

    Hi all,  Firstly this is my first post so apologies if I've made some stupid mistake in where I've posted ect...  So when I first bought rpgmaker vx ace back in October last year or maybe November I was looking on here for some music and I came across an amazing piece I think it was called...

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Have spent too much time hammering out with a friend just how to make a reoccurring enemy that permanently learns skills you use against her.
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My number one take away from this game jam is to make small games that are as polished and bug free as possible. Far less dev time, and if the game flops, it matters less because my time investment is much lower. Also, whatever ambitions I have... aim for about 10% of them. They are clearly too high, and will involve stuff that likely won't matter.

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