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    When you're sad you don't see traditional Puerto Rican (Taino) inspired looks in video games, let alone queer ones... then you realize you could do so yourself O_O Making this for my game Sapphic Tactics!
    @Finnuval oh man, you're going to love this. I plan to update the name to Queer Tactics for the commercial release. And depending on your chosen gender, the cast will be all female or all male :D I'm pretty pumped for it. If you have any design requests let me know. So far we have a gear master (mechanic), musician (here), Buff Guard, MC with a Katana, Warrior Princess(Prince).
    Weird little question but what specific instrument is she holding?
    @Finnuval A traditional Tiple! This game isn't having switchable weapons so I gave her a traditional Puerto Rican version of the guitar! It typically has less strings and is made from a single piece of wood.
    1691770164530.pngWhen you know enough JS to remove MATK and MDEF from SRPG core, but not enough to have the stuff line up properly LOL
    Window_SrpgStatus.prototype.drawParameters = function(x, y) {
    var lineHeight = this.lineHeight();
    for (var i = 0; i < 6; i++) {
    if (i==2 || i == 3)
    var paramId = i + 2;
    var x2 = x + 188 * (i % 2);
    var y2 = y + lineHeight * Math.floor(i / 2);
    this.drawText(TextManager.param(paramId), x2, y2, 120);
    this.drawText(this._battler.param(paramId), x2 + 120, y2, 48, 'right');
    Works great, but adds the lil line XD fml

    Continuing our countdown with Capsule Monster #5 Game Man! A child's soul in a toy that was forced to age in a cruel world.
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    They seem...unhappy? Angry? Vengeful? I hope that thing is still tethered by its cord to someplace. :LZSlol:
    Here to announce I will be a guest talking about Capsule Monsters Tactics on Liliana Kendra's stream on June 27th at 7pm! Come hop by to show your support and listen to an amazing streamer!!
    Small update today before the usual wed-thursday break in posting. But I'm happy to say I have the 40 of the 60 desired followers for Capsule Monsters Tactics! 2/3 is a huge milestone for me as I didn't think we'd get there for awhile. As always thank you to everyone who has been following! Special announcement on Friday!
    Count me as an unofficial follower. I usually follow things passively, like a lurker. I probably shouldn't, because I am also very forgetful it seems. Like how I forgot you can even follow people on this forum until I suddenly get a message that someone is following me and I'm like, what sorcery is this?
    Minor post while I get things together but just wanted to wish everyone a happy Juneteenth! I'm proud to have a game with the main protagonist be an Afro-Latina who is a lesbian! We all need more women of color content!

    Continuing our countdown with Capsule Monster #6 Captain Chippy! One of our few Legendary Capsule Monsters, he controls his chip minions to attack their enemies!

    Continuing our countdown with Capsule Monster #7 Bakey! A favorite of grandma Wendy, Bakey came to life one day and was given various kitchen utensils to protect itself. It screams, for behind it’s shades he is blind.

    Continuing our countdown with Capsule Monster #8 Lady Armor! A brave little lady who can power up her teammate’s attacks, this support type CapMon is just doing her best!

    Continuing our countdown with Capsule Monster #10 Curl Shot! A powerful ranged attacker, you're better off double teaming him with magic users to defeat!!
    Continuing our countdown with Capsule Monster #11 Vampy! While he might have a lower HP he has the unique ability to drain hp from others to restore his own! For any Yu-Yu-Hakusho fans I based a lot of his design on Rinku!

    Introducing a new and exciting challenge mode!! Is our demo too easy? Did you get a rare pull and want to show off on stream? Please talk to the mysterious 2nd announcer who has 6 additional challenges PER ROUND! As a game developer, I struggled to complete some of the stage 2 challenges, so I hope you tactics fans have a blast!

    Continuing our countdown with Capsule Monster #13 Tomey Thomas! I loved the idea of a tiny book gaining sentience and being a little wizard. It’s a shame none of his spells are useful XD
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I just saw someone's post that had an instagram link. I have yet to be able to open that site up once, ever, or have an embed of it work (it just straight up won't show either of them). And I haven't really found a reason to try to fix the problem, either XD
I want to go play piano now. This is gonna be my stopping point today (yes, I’m very slow at drafting). Might have a few too many curly Qs? Obviously gotta finish the limbs and clean up. There are a few more outfit details I need to add. Probably going to do a background so that the pose makes sense, LOL.

Do you believe me now?

BTW not my insta, not my post. Different John.
It's been long time since last I'm tinkering with RPG Maker ~

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