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    Examples for the Time Fantasy Tiles

    Why thank you!!! I'm happy that my work could help you! I still need to work on my mapping skills but I'm glad it was something that could help you!
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    Examples for the Time Fantasy Tiles I don't mean to toot my own horn here, but if you want examples of the desert tiles my game has a few.
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    A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    All I beg for is the ability to use different sized tiles in a not awkward way. I have spend so much on assets that the thought of not being able to use them is making me so hesitant towards a new engine...
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    [STV] Plugins | STV_MonsterCards

    Easiest way is to draw it on top of the old template/replace the file. As long as the dimensions are the same it should be fine. I've done this to better match my game's style:
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    RMMV Petal Knights - Playable Now!

    Just wanted to say I burst out laughing when I saw the tea meter, I love it! It seems like a cool and unique game feature, I wish you luck with this project!
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    No Travel Game Jam

    This would be awesome!!!
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    No Travel Game Jam Submission Thread!

    I live in a different time zone so I hope this isn't too late? Eh either way here is my submission: Magical Girl Z
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    RMMV Magical Girl Z (No Travel Game Jam)

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    No Travel Game Jam

    Alright I'm about to make the post and thread for my game for the jam! Please note that the non pg-13 version (which quite honestly just includes a bit of cursing, but I wanted to be safe) is very clearly marked in game, the version for the jam is as a download clearly marked as "Magical Girl...
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    No Travel Game Jam

    I'm going to have to work to try and figure out how to not lose the humor while editing my new game Magical girl Z that I made for both the magical girl jam and this one... the humor just got a bit more adult :/ perhaps if I made a more pg-13 version as an extra download? Either way: Lots of...
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    No Travel Game Jam

    Do the projects have to only use the default rtp? I'm working on a game for a jam that would fit this one too.
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    [STV] Plugins | STV_MonsterCards

    look at the more recent posts, someone gave a new link
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    [STV] Plugins | STV_MonsterCards

    I unfortunately keep getting this error? I've tried looking at the data file, have removed the custom entry, and I still can't seem to figure out where this _revealed should have been inputted? EDIT, leaving thsi up as I've seen others with this problem. In the plugin it says the command to add...
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    RPG Maker Day Mini-game Challenge Submissions!

    Bun Bun's Big Run Bun Bun and her wife Bonnie were frolicking in the forest when the evil soldier comes to steal Bonnie as a pet for the king! It's up to Bun Bun to have the biggest run of her life to save her! The game itself includes the...

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