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    what kind of titles makes you give games a chance?

    Screenshot/actual in-game video footage (not trailer/movie) matters more than the title for me if it's for games. The title probably only matters if I'm going to watch a movie/tv series. But even with that, visual still wins by a large margin.
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    How many heroes do you use?

    Answering the thread title, I use 3-4 actors. I'm not a great storyteller to make many characters. If I make a character even if it just an NPC, I feel like committing to telling/making their story. I'm not sure what do you mean by "support character", but if you mean side character, then...
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    Major concerns about performances of MZ

    I was asking about the vanilla MZ. Not your converted project.
  4. TheoAllen

    Major concerns about performances of MZ

    Before you jump the gun and convert your whole project to MZ, does the vanilla MZ (as in, a fresh new project) also lags?
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    Master Plugin List

    Adding more to this. I will eventually put mine there as well, but for now, I'm still not satisfied yet with the code quality I have. Those are quick and a little bit dirty edit without knowing the whole MZ environment. However, if anyone wants to up a mine there, feel free, I'm just not...
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    Script call to use item?

    It is not.
  7. TheoAllen

    Status and Informing the Player

    I have a dedicated window to tell what the status does in the battle scene that you're free to open and close it. Every boss status, buff, or debuff is unique to them. Glossary won't do if you won't encounter them next time. Essentially, I use the first approach on your listing.
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    I wonder. Am I qualified for this? What would be the lesson for this course hmm...

    I wonder. Am I qualified for this? What would be the lesson for this course hmm...
  9. TheoAllen

    Commercial Plugin development question

    And if you even questioning this, this is more reason to use obfuscation as not obfuscating code is not even an option. And the answer to my question is you have a high risk of your mental health if you don't obfuscation. I, unfortunately, can not answer your question precisely how secure it is...
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    Skill Cooldown MZ

    I actually have the more advanced skill restriction in my end including warms up and custom skill cost in my end, however, while that allows more flexibility, I personally don't use those functions that much in my own game. Thus, the reason why I simply release the cooldown only plugin is that...
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    Commercial Plugin development question

    It looks like you have made your mind to just overwrite the function. Shaz already gives an explanation for the general case of what is going to happen if you do that. You have your own specific cases. Further discussion needs more context, which is bringing your code for the context here that I...
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    Skill Cooldown MZ

    No, I follow the standard on turn end when updating the cooldown. Besides, with ATB or TPB, you're going to wait until your bar filled before you could command your character. Why having skill cooldown off before you could enter a command?
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    Is it okay to include our own kinks in our games? (16+ ONLY)

    People won't bother (probably). They will just focus on the content of the game. As long as it isn't too explicit or you tried to show your kinks too much, like, "this game is basically about my kinks". I have a subtle lewd scene in my game, in a very specific corner of the dungeon, the secret...
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    This may be a monumentally stupid question --but What do DLC and RTP stand for?

    It would help people if the thread title could be renamed as "What do RTP and DLC stand for?" Not just "This is just a stupid question"

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