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    Arguing on the internet is literally turn-based combat.

    Arguing on the internet is literally turn-based combat.
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    It's synthetic (I can't even play a real instrument). There is even a MIDI download in the video...

    It's synthetic (I can't even play a real instrument). There is even a MIDI download in the video description if you want to look at the composition.
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    I've been extending some of my music from 1 minute to 3-4 minutes. And so far, this is my...

    I've been extending some of my music from 1 minute to 3-4 minutes. And so far, this is my personal best
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    What are Your favorite Game Soundtracks?

    You asked us why but you haven't told us why you like those. First of all, most soundtracks grow on me as I play the game (well, of course). So, if I like the soundtrack, I also like the game because it either reminds me of the game or it just stuck in my head. The exception to this is probably...
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    RMMZ [WIP] Theo's Battle Sequence Engine MZ

    Before we talk about animated front battle sprites (I assume that you mean, technically, the actors are invisible while only the enemies are visible, which I haven't tested this particular case since it was meant for rear/side-view action sequence, both sprites are visible), the only thing that...
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    Orphan hero trope

    Good trope if you want to have an underage MC and don't want to explain their parent and their relationship. Irrelevant trope if your MC is a grown adult.
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    RMMZ Autorun in plugin

    Look at the Game_Player object. Game_Player.prototype.canMove = function() { if ($gameMap.isEventRunning() || $gameMessage.isBusy()) { return false; } if (this.isMoveRouteForcing() || this.areFollowersGathering()) { return false; } if (this._vehicleGettingOn...
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    RMMZ Autorun in plugin

    Which command do you wish to use?
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    Difference between Missing and Evading?

    Same, I also don't like how certain hit is implemented. I don't know how you did it. But ... class Game_Battler alias tsbs_eva item_eva def item_eva(user, item) return 0 if item.note[/<always hit>/i] tsbs_eva(user, item) end alias tsbs_hit item_hit def item_hit(user...
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    What is more important in a game? (And why?)

    BGM - a nice BGM is good, but I played several quiet games or just turn it off and then use external music. Animation - Should be merged with Graphics tbh. Gameplay (out of battle?) - Bold if you assume I only play a battle intense game. Battle - Yes, no need for more explanation. Story - Not...
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    RMMZ Running code in parallel at all times

    Adding a new line of code to be executed in the main game loop is not a technique you should start crediting someone when you use it. It is pretty much common practice. But you can always put the name of whoever told you the technique as a token of gratitude in your plugin description.
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    How to reward your players?

    For a traditional RPG, there are not many things to "reward" your players. It's just a tribute (if it ends up being a cameo, and I personally did not count that as a reward tbh). However, for more competitive games, you can actually reward your players by making a contest. $100 for the winner...
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    How to reward your players?

    Yes, I answered that. For doing a certain action in-game. Does that not count?
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    How to reward your players?

    According to this statement. Your favorite games are either arcade games or roguelike games or both. Which is not a small demographic. But think of it this way, if I slay your goblin enemy 100x times, it's proof that I already beat the enemy. If I'm not getting rewarded by easier life (for...
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    How to reward your players?

    Various engagements with the game (battles, clearing stage, discovering the secret areas, etc).

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