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    TAA_BookMenu (v1.6.1)

    Thanks a lot!!!
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    TAA_BookMenu (v1.6.1)

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    TAA_BookMenu (v1.6.1)

    I have a problem, the plugin refuses to use the custom font I am using in the game. I am using a custom .ttf font, setted up on the system tab, and Im using GAMEFONT option on the plugin parameters, I already tried to use the font name too. There's a way to fix this?
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    LunaTechs MV/MZ Plugins & Tools

    This looks really good but I'm having the following error when using the Mouse System: ReferenceError core_TouchInput is not defined
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    RMMZ Visustella Options Core (Adding a Variable Option)

    Im trying to add a variable option in the options menu using the Visustella Options Core plugin but I cant figure out how. I need to add a option with 2 possible values, each value change the var "x" value to 0 or 1. Could someone help me?
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    Foreground Parallax for MZ (Updated With Lock Parallax Option)

    That is really nice but the images doesnt bind to the map, when the camera moves, the image moves with it, could you fix it?
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    Hime Grid Battle Engine MZ

    I don't know why but it seems to show the message that the plugin may not be compatible with MZ. Edit: It seems to work but after a battle, when the player returns to the map, if I try to equip/dequip a weapon (didnt tested with armor as well), the game crashes with the error "object too deep"...
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    RMMZ Message Sound Effects

    Hey thanks! It will serve for now but I think it lacks customization since its limited to only 2 SEs :/
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    RMMZ Message Sound Effects

    I'm lookin for something like this plugin for MV: For me it is one of the most essentials plugins to make text not boring, is anyone working on something like this for MZ?
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    Show Title Image only when Press Start

    Hello, I hope I am posting in the right section :yswt:. Anyways, I use SumRndmDde's Press Start plugin, and It works well, but I wanted to only show the 2nd titlescreen Image (like the default onjes Floral and Medieval) only when I pressed START and the options showed on the screen. But I don't...
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    Notification Window

    Its awesome! But it can only show one notification at a time, could you make it for showing more at once?
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    Felskis AutoSave Plugin

    This is great, I combined with a common event to show a notification whenever the game autosaves, thanks for this great plugin!
  13. ThePedro004

    CGMV Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    Use this plugin :
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    RMMV Bruma

    New video showing the protagonist's room in the early game (WIP) :

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