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    RMMV Setting actor position to enemy home position in skill

    @ATT_Turan - haven't got around to implementing this yet but thanks so much for your detailed response. I think it has everything I need. :)
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    RMMV Setting actor position to enemy home position in skill

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to create a skill used by enemies whereby the skill user will travel to its target (an actor), and then move back into its HOME position - taking the actor with them. The actor must then remain there for the battle until a certain condition will make them travel back...
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    FSM and Ancient dungeons (MV)

    I use both of these together, but I heavily edit my maps in image processing programs. I try to keep to the original-sized VX Ancient Dungeons assets so that they look similar in "sharpness" to each other. :)
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    Looking for Ruins/Ruin Village Tileset (MV)

    I've been using MV for about five or six years and been on the lookout for such assets. With some exceptions, there's nothing really definitive for this. The only thing I can recommend is FSM Desert and Ruins - but that is only available through purchase. EDIT: FSM Woods & Cave also has a few...
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    RMMV Checking alive members in a game troop

    Hi everyone! Hoping to find some help on this little issue. I'm using an if statement in a YEP action sequence that looks like this: if ($gameTroop._enemies.filter(function(c) {return c._enemyId === 13;}).length === 2) This works just fine, but I need something slightly different. What I...
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    Thalzon's MV Battlers

    These are actually just what I need! Thanks so much!
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    Event Follower Logic

    Thanks everyone, I have found a "sort of" solution that will do. I implemented the findDirectionTo function in unison with a few parallel events collecting player X & Y information. Thanks again!
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    Event Follower Logic

    Thanks, but I don't have an event at the moment. I'm trying to get the concept down first so I know how to proceed.
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    Event Follower Logic

    Thanks @Andar, I came up with something similar. My main problem is trying to figure out how to update a variable only ONCE per player step.
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    Event Follower Logic

    Thank you for the response @Shaz So, let me outline the progression of things for you: 1) Player is on map, no followers. They are free to do as they wish. 2) Player interacts with stationary event on map. Player will always interact with this event from exactly 1 tile on Y axis below the...
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    Event Follower Logic

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a puzzle where an event follows the player exactly in the same manner a follower does. In this particular case, I want 1 TILE of spacing between the player and the event (as opposed to 0 tiles of spacing) at all times (as if it were the THIRD member of a party, or...
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    Thalzon's MV Battlers

    Yeah, really top work. The designs of these are very slick.
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    Thalzon's MV Battlers

    More worms! Yes! MOAR WORMS!
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    Separating a picture's movement from its scale

    @Eliaquim It doesn't throw an error, but removing the S worked! Thanks. Regarding moving the picture through a script without affecting the other arguments, do you know how I would do this? Is it possible? Basically, the same way we've used the scale function, but for the picture movement...

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