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    Hikari's World! : Chapter I

    Hikari's World! : Chapter I Synopsis A kid goddess who lives on the plain of high heaven also known as Takamagahara, explores her small world while making new friends and learning hidden secrets of her origins. From the day Hikari was born she had the ability to create otherworldly creatures...
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    If you enjoy speed mapping for RPG Maker MV check out my YouTube Channel. My latest video...

    If you enjoy speed mapping for RPG Maker MV check out my YouTube Channel. My latest video includes custom made tiles which makes a simple map look dynamic! Check out my short game Hikari's World! : Chapter I, on
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    Hi everyone! I've made a great deal of progress on my game. As of right now I've reached roughly...

    Hi everyone! I've made a great deal of progress on my game. As of right now I've reached roughly 30-60 minutes of possible gameplay. Please check out my video!
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    RMMV Hikari's World! (In Development)

    I'm not exactly sure how to make them display properly, I had trouble uploading them. Would you happen to have any suggestions?
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    RMMV Hikari's World! (In Development)

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    TDDP Bind Pictures to map

    This is really frustrating because when I start from map 1 and go to map 2 then back to map 1 error doesn't occur. It only seems to happen from if I set the player to start on map 2 then go to map 1. Another Issue is that when I set up a add character to party event the parallax seems to follow...
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    TDDP Bind Pictures to map

    I placed the plugin below everything but when I do so the game doesn't even run anymore I just get a type error "cannot read property of 'children' of undefined". The event transfers seem fine nothing is out of place. And yes I always start a new game when testing even when I haven't installed a...
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    TDDP Bind Pictures to map

    Hey, I have been using TDDP's bind pictures plugin and it was working fine as I have been erasing pictures upon transferring to another map. But recently I have an error when transferring from map 2 back to map 1. Here are the the plugins I am using and the error.
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    Uploading Game content

    Hello, I am far past the idea stage and i'm in the process of creating my game. I have a battle system, characters, and I am currently working on multiple maps. The story has already been mapped out years ahead of time for my comic. I am not sure if I'll be uploading chapters of my game once I...
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    Character states?

    Thank you so much!! it took some playing around with since I have extra character frames. I can have my followers now. :)
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    Character states?

    Its the actor itself that needs to do the punch, Its not exactly an animation. Its a character graphic itself like an actor walking graphic. It basically shows over the actor. I'm not sure how to change the characters graphic to the action graphic then back.
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    Character states?

    Hello, I am currently trying to make an actor character perform a custom action for example my actor would punch when I press Z and show that character graphic. My issue is the graphic appears above my actor making it look pasted. I tried turning off the character transparency when the action is...
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    Grid Free Doodads

    I updated it and the plugin works perfectly. Thank you for your help.
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    Grid Free Doodads

    Yes I did get an update! It's been acting odd since. How do I update my project if you don't mind me asking?
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    Grid Free Doodads

    Hello, I am having trouble with my grid free doodads plugin which is odd because I haven't changed anything. My placed doodads show up but I cannot access the doodad menu when pressing F10 to place more doodads. I created a new project and it the plugin works fine. Any idea's on what could be...

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