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  • Recently resumed work on a mobile game that I started last Spring. I still plan to update my weather system and continue work on LuxMV. I'm also the lead programmer on another RPG Maker MV project so my schedule is pretty filled.
    I'm not dead! Just caught up in finals week at college. Also assisting in the launch of a new Minecraft server. I'll jump back on MV development once the chaos ends.
    Wrote my weather system on day one of owning RPG Maker MV. The code is terrible and so I'm rewriting the entire system. Should have a new version out tonight or tomorrow.
    Progress on 2D lighting system! I now have a working function which generates an occlusion map from tile data. Next step is raycasting. I'll probably start a development thread once I have a basic prototype working.
    Current Project: Re-implement an advanced 2D lighting system from a previous project in another engine. Porting C# code to Javascript shouldn't be an issue, now if MV would just include a real documentation of their engine...
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To be released 2021/10/21
Now that I made this "What the MZ RTP is missing" spreadsheet it's itching me to fill some the gaps D:
Aaaaand I completely forgot about the RMMV Chicken Rave my brother decided to implement in a parody of my VERY FIRST UNFINISHED project. We could not escape the chicken rave... The chickens would block the ladder...
I love how I can look up a problem I'm having with my game, find a post from like six years ago that addresses the issue, and the solution provided still works in RPG Maker.
It's times like those that my life feels really easy XD
Change costumes with equipment!

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