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    Iavra Gif

    Try to use my example file to study:
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    Avy's MV Stuff

    Thank You so much!!!
  3. thiagokyo

    Iavra Gif

    @lavra Thank you so much, you save my life!!!
  4. thiagokyo

    Scrolling/Animated Battle Back During using Skill?

    @YuiDemonia He Save Our Lives: 
  5. thiagokyo

    Scrolling/Animated Battle Back During using Skill?

    @YuiDemonia i use the resolution 1109x624, maybe this resolution is needed to work with this wait time and variable constant! Good Luck!
  6. thiagokyo

    Scrolling/Animated Battle Back During using Skill?

    Read the wait frame of my note tag, the total close perfect alingment: TOTAL IS: 655 The Speed i use are: 1000 in variable constant! Good LUCK!!!
  7. thiagokyo

    Scrolling/Animated Battle Back During using Skill?

    (EDITED MESSAGE) No, Vibrato not made tutorial for this scrollback, but i have tried to made this with Yanflys action sequence and the battleback stay black, i use too the plugin EnemySlideIn in a reference of the final of this video in Library Zatunen (MV), with the same blackscreen result...
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    Sprited SV_Enemies

    Beautiful work, thank you!!!
  9. thiagokyo

    The Free Archives (Formerly Animations Archive)

    Thank You Nice work!
  10. thiagokyo

    whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons!

    Thank You so MUCH, this material is GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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