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    hahaha, yeah

    hahaha, yeah
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    You're so close, yet miles Away. It's too cold in here, someone please help me In this Abyss...

    You're so close, yet miles Away. It's too cold in here, someone please help me In this Abyss built in my heart.
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    Theolized Sideview Battle System (In Game Editor + Version 2 Coming Soon)

    Help!! Im having this problem when I place Basename changer Add-on
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    [RPGVXA] Customizable actor graphic size display in the menu.

    Well, Im not used in scripting so I can't make a script for the Menu to show the full Actors graphic the default size of a Actors graphics is displayed 96x96 and i want to somehow adjust it to 240x360.
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    [TSBS] Help!!

    Thanks for the concern, at first they didn't show up, then i tinker things up, there's only one problem im struggling, because i can't understand the script
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    [TSBS] Help!!

    Thanks, sorry for the trouble.
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    [TSBS] Help!!

    Uhmm.. yeah a little about script but more on the output, sorry it is TheoAllen SideView Battle System
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    [TSBS] Help!!

    The main problem is I use the stable version which is 0.13c(correct me if im wrong) in order: -Basic Module -Instruction -Config 1 -Config 2 -Implementation -Kaduki Add -on I take on kaduki's sprite as a test and renamed it Eric_1, Eric_2 and Eric_3 but it s Graphics in test battle doesn't...
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    Oh. sorry hehe..

    Oh. sorry hehe..
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    Yeah Spriters

    Yeah Spriters
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    Need some Graphic Artist

    Need some Graphic Artist
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    Maybe i'll just go and join the Deepweb. Lol

    Maybe i'll just go and join the Deepweb. Lol
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    [RPGmaker to iOs] Some Ruby script.

    Well guys, thanks for replies, uhhm.. yes it is a emulator of RPGMaker VX Ace and etc. for iOS except RPGMaker MV[because it uses Javascripts] a video from the youtube caught my attention, and so i tested it [and im desperate to run it on my device lol] Here is the link: <link removed by...
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    Hope you get what you need buddy, haha

    Hope you get what you need buddy, haha
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    Getting Dizzy in the forum :barf::barf::barf:

    Getting Dizzy in the forum :barf::barf::barf:

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