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    Strange state appear.

    PROBLEM SOLVED! And it was so stupid it hurts. For some reason even so the encounters on the first map pretty much only have attack and 1 other very simple unconditional skill, i had the great Idea to call the State whenever the Battle starts and end it whenever the Battle ends. I have no Idea...
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    Roundscape Augment Script

    Thanks a lot, i will check theese out.
  3. Thorgaaz

    Roundscape Augment Script

    Alright, sorry. I went with Maker specific Ace, but Script Request is also fitting. Just didnt know what RGSS3 meant. To the Game/ Script im searching, you go into the Items Menue choose Weapon, Armor or whatever, and than you have different slots to put other Items in for Improvement. In Tis...
  4. Thorgaaz

    Roundscape Augment Script

    Hi, i played Roundscape Adoveria lately (adult only Game) and really liked the Augment/Glyph System they had. So does someone know which script they used to do that? Is it public? For people who didnt play the Game it is a Script which allows you to put other Items into your Equipment, and than...
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    How to make an animated menu

    Well here is an Tutorial but as you see, its over 20 minutes long so explaining it all here would probably be an little much. Its sadly in german, but maybe it helps. If not, im pretty sure someone did something similar in English too you only need to find it. wow, didnt expect that posting...
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    Pokemon Moves

    There is an useful script out there called stacking states (google). With that it is very easy. Yust add max stack to 3 or whatever you want and than they can apply multiply times. They can even switch pictures if the stack gets higher.
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    Turn into a Dragonoid

    Yust make the Dragonoid an actor and than switch the actors. Use the on defeat area to give the first actor the exp.
  8. Thorgaaz

    Temporary evolution (Class/Actor change) during battle

    Well i would try this by generating one actor for each transformation. Than if you want to rank up, you actually switch the actors removing the old one from the party with an common event and adding the new one. Only problem here is, that the hp is not the same as it was before transformation...
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    show picture is moving also.

    How about an paralell process showing it as an animation? Using only the Picture in the Animation it shouldnt change at all and you can fixate it on the event using the above player tag. Doing so it looks like you walk underneath the picture/animation.
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    Different Cutscene same place

    Yup you seem able to run an event. All you need to do is to add the control switch command at the end of it turning a switch on. Than you have an second event, or a new event page which runs if that condition is fulfilled. Also after both is done it is useful to turn a selfswitch on, and than...
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    How to make an animated menu

    Well you could use a skip titlescreen script. Than on your first map you do autorun or parallel events which shows the pictures and animations. After the animation is finished the event switches and show your selfmade picture which look like an menue, and another one which looks like your...
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    How to make an item ALWAYS consumable?

    Hmm, couldnt you simply give the Item the HP recover option in the damage formular instead of the the effect Box? I did test it with an Item which recovered 100hp in the formula and healt -1 as effect to be sure and it worked. (Endresult was 1 lower than maxhp item consumed) But the other way...
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    Random Numbers and Yanfly Script issue.

    Oh, im an idiot. Just figured out after working with X variables for months, that you can simply choose to set or add random numbers in the variable control command. I have no Idea how i managed to miss that. So Problem no2 is solved.
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    Turn null damage (0 damage) into a miss or evade with a sound effect

    Isnt it an little confusing for the Player if they hear a miss sound but all they need is an bigger Hammer? I would rise agility get small pointy weapons and than get pretty pissed when i figured out, that I actually do hit, but only have too weak dmg. And Agility normally does not affect hit...
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    Inventory Item Count Detection?

    Yup i also would use the variable method. Create a variable, each pick flower event counts +1 and has an conditional Branch which say, if the variable reach 40 do what you want it to do. You can also give that Conditional Branch to other events like for example the NPC which he has to bring the...

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