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    RMMV Showing variables linked to an item in the description (YEP Item Core)

    Hi everyone, I'm using this script to show evals in the weapons and armor descriptions. The weapons and armors I'm using have a randomly generated weaponDamage variable attached to them during the item creation process utilizing Yanfly's Item Core. What I'm trying to do is show the generated...
  2. Thornton

    RMMV How to access a item's js variable created in Yanfly's Item Core

    @ramza Wow, that was surprisingly easy and fast, thank you! It was fairly critical to get this to work. Yeah, if it comes down to that I'll try to analyze the documentation again. Thread is solved!
  3. Thornton

    RMMV How to access a item's js variable created in Yanfly's Item Core

    Hey everyone, I'm using Yanfly's Item Core plugin alongside ICFSoft's Param Core (Link). What I'm trying to do is access a js variable that was assigned by a independent item during the "<On Creation Eval>" tag so that my custom stat can increase in value based on the generated number. What I...
  4. Thornton

    Checking for specific skill currently being used (Solved)

    Works perfectly, thanks a lot!
  5. Thornton

    Checking for specific skill currently being used (Solved)

    Hi all, I'm wondering what's the code for checking what current skill the actor is currently using? I checked 'ol Father Google, but errors get tossed my way when using those codes in related topics. I'm utilizing Yanfly's Buff & State Core for the code.
  6. Thornton

    Damage decrease per living enemy

    Thanks for confirming and providing the allied version. Glad to hear there's no magic math behind the scenes. For anyone interested, I managed to figure out how to achieve the effect I wanted in the original post: The "0.1" (10%) represents the penalty. At 8 enemies, there is a 70% reduction...
  7. Thornton

    Damage decrease per living enemy

    Hi all, I hope this is the correct forum for this question. 1) I'm trying to make a damage ability that has its damage decreased by 10% for every alive enemy. I saw this code that can probably help achieve the effect: $gameTroop.aliveMembers().length But I'm not sure how to use this in the...

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