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  • Just used one of your script solutions today (disable player movement). Just wanted to say thanks for doing some legwork and saving others time.
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    Glad I could help! Honestly, I know someone must have helped me with that script anyway so it all comes back around.
    Along with the various shapes I've learned to draw to my windows, I was also able to round my gauges. The round edges to gauges and data fields within the menus give off a playful vibe. Now I just need to hit the sweet spot between playful and serious. Also, vertical gauges next.
    Was digging around in the pixi file and found some interesting code for drawing shapes other than just rectangles. Now I can have have various shaped backgrounds for different windows. Sweet!
    Been working on the concept for a solid core minigame for my project. I don't have enough outlined to say too much but the direction its starting to go could turn into something good!
    Looking back, I've definitely come a long way with RPG Maker. I've been working on a new status menu that I want to feel almost like a character sheet. So far the only commands that are integrated are 'Spend Ap' and 'Respec'. Tab key alternates between the two layouts.


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    I misread "Mastery" as "Marry" and wuz like, if the stats are good and they look that good YEAH sign me up! :biggrin:
    I've recently come up with a new status screen layout. I managed to fit quite a bit of important status information. The basic status, equips, element rates, state rates the ex and sp oarams, the actors base stats and total stats and a stat polygon graphic.
    I still have one window left to decide on, either a small profile text or something else pertinent to battles...
    After nearly finishing my main menu, I started working on the mastery scene. Each actor has 4 mastery categories, Weapons, Professions, Paragons and Milestones.

    The layout for the Weapons window is done! On to Professions!
    I have been working on a custom menu scene to replace the normal main menu. I'm using clickable buttons to navigate to most of the normal main menu commands, so this will serve as more of a general information scene. But! It does have a fully functioning formation selection system.
    I've expanded hiddenones's QTE tutorial into a few events. The first, fishing, was my original intention. Next one for picking locks, now, nearly finished a digging event. There will be 2 modes, timed and energy-based. Timed will cost money but no dig limit, energy mode will be free but you can only dig as many spots as your current skill level and will have a cool-down. I'm enjoying eventing more and more!

    S: I'm not a child anymore Anwar.
    A. Agreed, but you've still a great deal to learn. We know not the nature of the magic you possess, and I can only guide you so much. Eventually Seith, you'll have to figure this out on your own.
    S: So what? You'd leave me to go it alone then?
    A: ...It's not that simple boy, the path you're leads to Arcadia...
    S: So I've been routinely reminded...
    Setup an interesting lock-picking event, similar to my fishing event which used the QTE tutorial by hiddenone. I am also reworking my existing weapon mastery system to include skills like lock-picking, fishing, etc. Right now, the system uses 120 passive states, 1 for each weapon type per level... I am looking into reworking it to cut back on that number without losing the progression.
    I'm finally back! I've been working too much. Anyway, yesterday I started working with on-screen encounters, so far so good. Tonight, I have been trying to solve a plugin issue...fml. In the mean time, I was able to use YEP Button Common Event plugin to make a simple way to scroll through party members.
    I've expanded my knowledge to include the absolute basics of RegExp and have been working on a 'Barter System' plugin for my project. It's still to early to say just how it will be implemented, but as of now, I can successfully add items to an array of 'Barter Items' through notetags. Even though I don't have as much time to work on this as I'd like, I as still satisfied with my progress.
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    My sympathies on your RegExp experience.
    Welcome to the rabbit hole. The more RegExp you know, the more of your life you will waste trying to craft neat patterns that do cool stuff.
    I have finally come up with some interesting code to be able to use notetags on items to assign them to custom loot pools. I also included a function to get a random item from a pool. I will start working on a tutorial when I can.
    @ThreeSixNine I'll give you a hint: use the note tag to write an actual instruction.
    that instruction will run the actual grabbing of the actual note tag written somewhere else.
    where "somewhere else" is somewhere that is not a note box limited by the limitations of a note box.
    @gstv87 so putting a function call inside the note box? Thanks for the hint!
    @gstv87 I think I've figured out what you meant. I have been working on a few plugins for my project; 1 to add a profession system, called 'Trades', 1 is just for adding new params to the actors, and 1 is a 'Bartering System' where items can be traded for other items. I was able to use RegExp to add a new array of 'Barter Items' through notetags. Now let's see what I can do with it with events!
    After brainstorming last night and earlier today, I've realized the key to dynamic loot tables lies in utilizing arrays within Game Variables. Custom notetags can help build the arrays, but they're not necessary. Personally, I will go with the notetags, as it will be easier to visually reference what sub-set/s an element may be a part of, rather than just seeing a manually created array of numbers.
    hiddenones camping item tutorial has led me to some new and useful information concerning the setup and use of custom notetags. I am currently working on creating sub categories for some items to test. This has the potential to allow for some extremely dynamic loot pools, stay tuned for more info!
    It's ma birfday! Gonna chill and work on my project, editing some icons for my compass rn. Later It's pizza and a movie, maybe Blazing Saddles...
    Using hiddenone's QTE tutorial I've been able to setup a simple fishing system. Instead of just the pointer moving, the goal moves as well. Holding the action button scrolls the pointer and pressing the down arrow key hooks the fish. The speed of both is variable as well as the number of successful hooks needed for a catch.
    Simple time HUD Done. Now, working with yanflys common event menus to create a menu for viewing each characters weapon mastery levels. Using the string.padZero() method with \evalText<<>> to keep the values aligned as they change. Tomorrow I work on compatability between a mini map and picture common events!
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