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  • It's ma birfday! Gonna chill and work on my project, editing some icons for my compass rn. Later It's pizza and a movie, maybe Blazing Saddles...
    Using hiddenone's QTE tutorial I've been able to setup a simple fishing system. Instead of just the pointer moving, the goal moves as well. Holding the action button scrolls the pointer and pressing the down arrow key hooks the fish. The speed of both is variable as well as the number of successful hooks needed for a catch.
    Simple time HUD Done. Now, working with yanflys common event menus to create a menu for viewing each characters weapon mastery levels. Using the string.padZero() method with \evalText<<>> to keep the values aligned as they change. Tomorrow I work on compatability between a mini map and picture common events!
    I decided to scrap most of the stock images that came with MogHunter's Time HUD extension plugin and use others. It still has all the same elements but I am in the process of repositioning them. And gone is the beautiful flowery clock, in exchange for a simpler one.
    Tonight I was able to modify yanflys music menu and give the player the option to keep the chosen track playing after the menu is closed. Also, at any given time they may save the current playing track and then recall it, great for reverting to the maps audio. They may also stop the current bgm as well.
    So I used some snippets posted here to create a simple quick save system. I don't think it deserves a whole tutorial and I'm not sure where to post it when it's done anyway...
    Quick Save systems are always nice to have!! If it's mainly a plugin that you've made, you can post in Plugin Releases. If it's mainly something you event, Tutorials are probably the best place to show people how to do it. One other option is to post on the Maker's Support board (such as "RPG Maker MZ") if you don't feel it belongs anywhere else, but expect it to get buried quickly there.
    It is evented and I guess a tutorial would be the best place for it. Thanks!
    Working on using DreamX's prefix suffix plugin to create unidentified weapons, armor and sellable loot. The weapons and armor will always draw from the highest tier you have the ability to create, keeping them relevant throughout most of the game. The loot is going to be the fun part! Let's just say I doubt I'll have any unused item entries
    Was playing around in GiMP tonight resizing some skill icons I got from humble bundle down to 32x32. I was able to add a little extra detail by decomposing the image into HSV (Hue, saturation and value) layers and sharpening only the value layer. Then reverse the decomp and scale down
    Back to work on the various systems in my game. Currently working on the crafting systems, specifically the weapons. Setting the needed ingredients for each tier of basic physical weapons and adding a custom effect to control groups of variables that work as a profession mastery system. Basically its a lot of copy/paste of notetags with some minor changes in each.
    Well, it's been another consecutive successful night of work, as I've nearly completed the Druid's skill, "Third Eye", which acts as a battle scan as well as a field utility to dispel illusion revealing hidden chests and passageways.
    Whew! I made some decent progress tonight. I made a poach skill, but haven't fully realized it usage. I also made a soul siphon skill that is used to steal an animal's soul. The animal souls are used as gear attachments that create stat boosts specific to the animal type, similar to WoW. Next, I need to link each animal to it's specific parameter.
    I just realized that I can use the YEP_Extra Enemy Drops plugin and it's LAST STRIKE SKILL notetag to create a 'poach' system similar to Final Fantasy Tactics!
    Man, work has been exhausting lately, haven't had much time to work on my project. I was able to put in some work tonight, did some minor adjusting and testing of enemies and added a common event to slow down the party's movement speed on the world map and revert in back to normal in towns and dungeons, yeet.
    <-- Meet Seith. He begins the story as an apprentice druid, learning to survive in the wilderness by communing with nature and honing his herbalism. Seith has a deep desire to understand the world around him. When wells of chaotic energy begin erupting from the land,corrupting plant, animal and man alike, Seith finds himself on a journey to discover just what this means for the fate of his home, the land of Myarr.
    Don't let that face fool you...his desire to understand his world comes from an innate, almost subconscious ability to assess what he is seeing. One of his early abilities, "Third Eye" is used in battle as a scan as well as out of battle to reveal things hidden by magic.
    well I didnt say I'd underestimate him.. but I prolly would marry him lol
    And his desire to understand extends towards people. He is always analyzing the words and actions of those around him, life in the forest has made all of his senses razor-sharp...But you are some-what right, he does all of this in a very child-like fashion, very unassuming.
    The framework for the Herbalism profession is in place, there are a total of 38 different potions to craft at this point and I don't think I need any more. That covers 3 each for single target heals and mp recover, party heals and mp recover, user only tp items; and 2 each for basic status effects, one to dispel and one to dispel and prevent for 2-3 turns. Exp gained is based on item price.
    Profession system is coming along steadily. Using Yanfly's Common Event Custom Menu and Button Common Events plugins to create a new 'menu' that handles the seperate types of craftables; like weapons, armors. Also using sets of variables to track, shows data: Total weapons crafted, total $ of crafted weapons and most valuable weapon crafted, name and value. :rock-left:B):rock-right:
    Just picked up VisuStella character generator! Sadly, I have to sleep now but I am looking forward to playing around with it at some point tomorrow...after class...and work...ugh
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I realized recently since my game is still a turn based game, that something like the card game Yomi is a lot closer to what I should try to aim for combat wise. Should also help for those who don't really play fighting games to make things a bit easier to understand. ugh the struggles of trying to show love for my 2 favorite genres in 1 go lol.
Did a bit of work on the chemistry tiles I want.

Hey There!


My next plugin will be: "Dynamic Temperature Stats"

Now you might be wondering... What does it do?

Well, it's a fascinating plugin that adds a body temperature mechanic to characters.

Holy crap, it's cold. Our heat went out this morning and the repair guy won't get the part needed to fix it at least until tomorrow. Had to be now of all times, when we have stuff to do all week and it's the coldest night of November so far.
I have invented a new food: soupie!
It is soup-pie! It's what happens when you try to make a pie, and it turns out super gooey and falls apart and you need a spoon to eat it! Soupie! Said like sue-pie. Not soupy - oh just let me eat my sad apple pie :kaothx:

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