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  • every new release or big update game i play lately i find bugs within 5 hours of playing and just makes me not want to play them. diablo2, terraria, and just now surviving the aftermath. all had bugs you can find by just playing around with the controls and a few cosmetics right off the start of the game. makes me not wanna play long enough to find game breaking bugs 12+ hours in.
    The Stranger
    The Stranger
    Ever played Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines? When it was released way back in the early 2000's in physical format, it was so full of bugs it couldn't be completed. I didn't even have the net back then so couldn't download the only official patch to ever come out.
    The Stranger
    The Stranger
    It's even worse for people these days who still don't have an unrestricted, reliable connection. A ps4, for example, doesn't require an internet connection. You can buy physical games for it that, likewise, don't state they need a connection at all. Only, some of these games might be unplayable without downloading gigabytes upon gigabytes of patches.
    The Stranger
    The Stranger
    Imo, it should be illegal to sell a physical product that doesn't work as is. Sure, update the game post-launch to your heart's content, but that physical version should be a fully playable game from start to finish. If not, well you're selling a defective product.
    i thought ive seen some dumb posts on these forums... spent last week amongst terraria subreddit... you guys are geniuses compared to terraria players.
    Yeah, this applies to most video game reddits, not just Terraria.

    Hell, it probably applies to most reddit forums in general.
    i had to just quit going to that reddit. 90% of the posts i see make me just wanna call them a f' idiot.
    answer always either in the 1st paragraph of the wiki for that item, bottom of the same page in the 'patch introduced' history telling them "doesnt exist on console yet", or its just an in game settings/keybind that to damn lazy to look at.
    only time i ever got anywhere near as annoyed on these forums was when some guy that "loves company" just wouldnt provide any helpful info that was asked for, refused to do tutorials, and just read everyones "here how you do it" and then just winged it anyways failing miserably and then arguing with the helpers.
    D2R save files are so broken. how was the beta test better then the full release. blizzard's last hope crashed and burned.
    they're getting no more chances from me.
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One week later: *Decides to implement about 200% more tactics than originally planned.*
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We got BASE COLOR, bois!! And sadness...

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