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  1. oh, wat erg. :/ ik hoop dat de verzekeringen betaalt! :)

    oh, wat erg. :/ ik hoop dat de verzekeringen betaalt! :)
  2. waar was het? o.O vreselijk!

    waar was het? o.O vreselijk!
  3. DMV Zelda HUD

    i used " $gamePlayer.setHeartsShown() " and   "$gamePlayer.setHeartsShown(3)" as a script and as a plug in command, the plug in command doesnt work, and if i use it as a script i get following error: "Type error: undefined is not a function" :/ EDIT: I should have press F8 earlier.. I had...
  4. Zelda Style Map Transitions

    Hey! :) Thank you so much Jeremy for this epic plug in :D But i have i little question: In a Link to the past for SNES, the camera switching areas are bigger and differ from map to map; not like the camera switches in Links worlds and dungeons in the GBC Games. So: is there any...
  5. DMV Zelda HUD

    first of all: Nice, really appreciate the idea of this plugin! But: what is the script call to turn this hud on? i got the image in the system folder and the plug in is activated, but no hud displays :unsure: and the help description is sadly not very helpful to me.. i could need help...
  6. Biud436's HUD (Multiple HUD)

    Oh, wonderful! Looks perfect now! thank you so much for your work. :)
  7. McSundae's Tall Sprite Corner - Updated with alot People [18/02/16]

    sooo good! this is epic! thank you soooooooo much <3 can't belive i found this, thank you so much for your work!
  8. Biud436's HUD (Multiple HUD)

    is there a way to disable the MP and EXP bar? that would help me a lot! :)
  9. Non-Combat Menu

    wonderful! <3 absolutely working perfect! oh, thank you soooo much :)  
  10. Non-Combat Menu

    Hey mjshi! First let me thank you for your great work! It is just awesome! :) But i have a little wish: can you add the possibility to use this plug in with the "Item Combination System" from Jeremy Cannady? ( So that it will display the "Combine" section in the Menu. If it is to...
  11. Item Combination System

    i love it! i am very excited towards the update! :))

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