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  1. Yanly's learn skill engine help

    Im using yanfly's learn skill engine with the class system. Each of my sub classes has their own skill set and only the sub classes will be using the learn skill engine. I was wondering is it possible for only the subclass skill types to appear under the learn skill menu. Basically I would just...
  2. Adding custom commands to skill menu

    Thanks!! the command shows up and works. It just shows the list of special or magic skills list, I tried to adjust somethings under the Class System but just crashed my game. Is it as simple as changing the word personal to skill(which I tried) or is it something super complicated. 
  3. Adding custom commands to skill menu

    Im using Yanfly's Skill Menu and Class system scripts. Since im only using the sub class aspect of the class system I thought it would make more sense to have under the skill menu. Im not a scripter but I can understand some basics. I tried to add how tp mode was added it but I wont show up. Can...
  4. Trouble with Yanfly class system

    I figured it out.
  5. Trouble with Yanfly class system

    Im trying to install the Yanfly class system but it won't appear in the menu. I tested it in a new project and it showed up just fine. Ive tried changing the placement of the script ,since that usually fixes issues, but its still not appearing.  These are the all the scripts im using in my...
  6. Help with Yanfly Item menu

    Thanks for suggesting I reorganize, that was the problem. Originally I had it at the top of my script list with the rest of my Yea scripts. I moved it to the bottom of my very long list of scripts and now it works perfectly. 
  7. Help with Yanfly Item menu

    The two  tags above the category tag are for Galv's Random loot script.
  8. Help with Yanfly Item menu

    So im using the yanfly item menu and the items aren't sorting. I went and added some of the tags manually but it's still not working.  The items show up under main catergory but not under sub category.
  9. Help with Yami Guardian Series

    So I have the Yami Guardian Basic, Menu and summon scripts installed but the skill remains grayed out. The menu option appears on my command list but its also greyed out.All the note tags needed are in place so im not sure why its not working. I tested it in a game with Luna (my main) and...
  10. Customizing Luna specific text

    I found it.  It was under the Extra-edits script.
  11. Customizing Luna specific text

    Yes how do you change the color and size.
  12. Customizing Luna specific text

    Quick question in what script  can I customize the text in the upper left corner (see pic). I'm using the pre made Etrian sample project as a base.
  13. Yanfly Item menu issue_luna

    Ok so im using the Yanfly-Item Menu (here) and I notice something. Technically the script works and but it won't display the different types of categories for each command (see img).I have the Luna engine installed,which is probably the issue. Im not sure where to look in order to correct this...
  14. Issue with YEA- Item Menu

    Ok so im using the Yea-Item Menu (here) and I notice something odd. Technically the script works and but it won't display the different types of categories for each command (see img).I have the Luna engine installed and that might be the issue, but not sure yet. Im not sure where to look in...
  15. Using the Etrian sample Luna engine menu and custom scripts help

    I found the script and it work! Thank so much for your help!

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