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    RMMV Moghunter menu web deployment problems?

    Alright, so, I'm using mohgunter's menu plugins (Scene status, scene equip, etc) and the bust graphics show up fine when playtesting, but I keep getting loading errors when playing a web deployed version. even though the file is exactly where it should be, correct cases and everything
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    [RMMV] Torch light puzzle problems

    The self switch script is a variation of Shaz's script for sequential switch puzzles: The only thing that isn't correct is that the first event value should be 1 not 2. Even after fixing it...
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    [RMMV] Torch light puzzle problems

    Alright, so...I tried to code a puzzle in which you have to light the torches in a certain color order for it to work. When you get the order right, it works as normal, activating the switch and stuff. When you get it wrong, however, the self switches don't reset, and then you're stuck. This...
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    RMMV Khas Lighting Timed Lantern.

    I got Khas Advanced Lighting Plugin from here: Basically I'm having issues incorporating a timed lantern into my game. I have a common event set up wherein when you use the lantern item it starts a timer and then turns PlayerLantern...
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    [RMMV] X amount of gold for X amount of items?

    Thanks so much, y'all. I understand how to do it now.
  6. Tiffypowers79

    [RMMV] X amount of gold for X amount of items?

    So, in my game, I'd like to have the player collect items from battles. Said items could then be sold to someone for a fixed fee each time. Let's say it's 100g per item, if they had two, it'd be 200g. Is there a way to do this without any plugins?

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