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    The Standalone version of RPG MAKER MV for linux is canceled ?.

    He did say he's thinking of using another engine.
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    RMMV [IGMC 2017] Carpentry Story

    You're welcome, Fizzly! This seems like a promising title. Just one thing- I'd like the option to not rearrange the furniture in my house (even if I want to know how you did that).
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    RMMV [IGMC 2017] Carpentry Story

    Okay, how do I "recreate it on the grid"? I think I understand... though I'm not sure what the object in the middle is or where to get it.
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    RMMV [IGMC 2017] Carpentry Story

    First of all- this is the first time "Grandpa's dream" didn't involve farming that I know of. Thanks for your originality! And second- I'm not sure what I'm missing, but I can't make a bed. It's probably a good idea to show players what they're missing so they don't throw down their controllers...
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    Check for item in event

    Looks like it'll work! I guess "item exists" officially became a condition in Ace- but a conditional branch is a different story. Thank'ee, Guvner!
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    Check for item in event

    Hey, I just resumed work in XP after some time. I want to make an event dependent on the player having a specific item, but it looks like I'd need to write a script. What might that script look like? Actually, what would be ideal is if adding an item automatically incremented a variable. Can...
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    Hello Natalie

    Yes, maybe we need a big character. I don't want to impose, but could you also make a sprite of Miles the otter? Then I'd have both main characters in the same style- and otters have very small ears. :P
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    Hello Natalie

    It's a start.
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    Too many elements? Too many heroes?

    Hi, Michael. I don't have much to say, but thank you for starting me thinking about elements. :) I did come up with one rather interesting application for fire: Suppose an enemy inflicts a "bleeding" state on one of Our Heroes. You could have one of the fire-casters use a low-powered spell (so...
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    No levels, no gear grinding, turn-based chess like battles

    I've been thinking while I read this topic. What came to mind were two games- "Banished" and "Spiral Knights". Banished is a strategy game where instead of having to research everything, you can build whatever you have the resources for. So you build a lumber mill, recruit a villager to man it...
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    Taking a look at Relm's Sketch ability from FF6

    What platform was FF6 for? Probably SNES, but just to be sure...
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    Thanks. I'm looking forward to a) getting a Windows box and b) seeing the first RMV titles released on Linux. Or, more simply: "I want to play this game, but Wine doesn't know how."
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    Putting RPG Maker on Linux makes sense because... you can play .ogg sound out of the box. o.O

    Putting RPG Maker on Linux makes sense because... you can play .ogg sound out of the box. o.O
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    ReStaff July 2016: Spring and Summer

    The name "Teddy Bear Massacre" makes me think of Code Lyoko. Looking forward to hearing it.
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    Why did the download link redirect me to a speed-test site?

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