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    Item Question

    Yes, that would work out.  I understand what you're putting down.  (Get it? I made a joke!)  Anyways, this thread can be closed since the solution has been found.. I appreciate the help. 
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    Item Question

    Simple, put wood in inventory as key item. Go to hole and place wood down as a tile basically, walk across the hole pick up another item then wall back across the wood and pick it back up and put it into inventory to be used at another hole later in the game. 
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    Item Question

    Yes, VX Ace.  And I've thought about doing that as well, just not fond of throw script calls around.  I figured you couldn't pick it up. RPG maker is great for simple RPG games, but when you want to get complex, that's when it gets confusing. 
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    Item Question

    That's what I wanted to happen.  You see, I wanted to pick up some wood and then lay it over a hole, walk on it to the other side, then back over and pick up the wood again after you were done (it would be stupid to pick it up over the hole). No wonder Corpse Party didn't let you pick up...
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    Item Question

    I want to make an item you pick up and walk through, but I don't want to be able to pick up the item while standing on it. I want to pick it up from the sides.  

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