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  • I thought I would let you know that the pngs for your Custom Shop Tutorial are gone and the Dropbox page is Error 404.
    Hey guys going live in an hour and a half (2PM MST) on twitch.tv/titanhex Talking game dev as I start work on my new game.
    As stated in my tutorial post, I'm livestream on twitch.tv/titanhex Join for beginner and advanced stuff, photoshop, etc.
    Every time I look at the icon I made for myself I bust out laughing. Probably will change it by tomorrow though.
    Starting a livestream tutorial for the RPG Maker Basics:
    Conditonal Branches, Switches, and Variables all covered indepth and in less than an hour.
    It's gonna happen in less than 5 minutes!

    So I'm confused on a few things. First, I think I submitted a game. Not sure. What are the steps to submit a game? I added one and it should be in there.
    Also how do you see the game you submitted?
    Also my clock on my start bar seems to think UTC is every single time zone in the U.S.
    When you log in and go to your dashboard it will show you your submissions. I believe the deadline was a little over an hour ago.
    Our first semester of Ace Academy is launching July 5th. A place to learn Game Making through communicating with RPG Maker. We would love tutors and teachers to join us.
    Ace Academy is on day 5 of enrollments. Check it out! People have been surprised a concept like this exists and they almost missed it.
    We're in Day 5 of Ace Academy student enrollments. Don't forget to submit, incase a change needs to be made! Enrollment ends June 9th @5PM MST. I'll try to upload a tutorial on filling out the app today.
    Ace Academy is open for Student Applications. With the release of the Humble Bundle interest has quadrupled. Be sure to hop on board, it's gonna be fantastic!
    Ace Academy starts taking Student Enrollment tomorrow! If you haven't looked at it, now's the time. It's in General Discussion. Hope the people waiting are pumped!
    Ace Academy is taking Enrollments in one week. If you haven't heard of it, check it out under General Discussion.
    Hi! I got your PM awhile back. I'm still interested. You just PMed me at a very bad time. :(
    pmed you also
    Thanks! I hope you guys are interested. It should be fun. I'll keep you updated.
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Spent all day writing code, only for it to result in an endless loop...sigh.:kaosigh:
So um what is the deal with rpgmakerofficial.com ,why are there two rpg maker websites now? Is it any different from the current one rpgmakerweb.com??
When the Panic gauge is full, Mike will turn into Omar in a state of actual panic. his move list changes and until the meter depletes completely, he'll be able make use of this alter ego.
So unbelievably excited for IGMC this year! First public game was for the original one and I'm just so pumped!!
Sometimes I am amazed at how relentless spam bots are. I would clear the que and then see 800~5k more depending on their mood.

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