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    Force an attack when an enemy reaches a certain number of HP

    Could you possibly send me the project or data so I can take a look at what you've done so far and what exactly you're trying to do? It's smart to make a variable that counts how many times its been used. I think you can also do a switch to check if he's said his phrase yet. If he hasn't just...
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    mario and luigi superstar saga like combat system?

    This can actually be done via events. I know that, because I've evented it myself in VX Ace (<downloads project). However, it does require playing around with code. If a plugin can do it, then I suggest using that plugin. I'm actually pretty sure that SRDUDE's plugin can do what you want by...
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    RMMV Five Towers (A Simple RPG)

    Dev logs will be resuming soon. I've had to do some organizing to make sure I know what goals I have to do next. Step-by-step planning. This has spurred a change. Instead of a World Map, I plan on trying out a simple, unique Dungeon-Map system. An area is made up of a Room, or Map. In certain...
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    [THex] Tutorial Series, From Beginner to Advanced

    @Curious That makes sense. I originally did it to handle an overlap. If someone already had a beginner's knowledge and wanted to move into the intermediate, they might benefit from lessons at the end of the Beginner's category. However, I also need to consider someone following the playlists...
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    Single-character battles?

    Rock Paper Scissors also exists in the "Plunge" system of the RM2K3 Misao Award winner, "The Way" by Crestfallen Studios but a bit more indepth than simple RPS. You also have variance such as 2 Party Systems like Paper Mario. I think if the player can use positioning or the environment to...
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    Final Boss Design Discussion

    Meant to chime in on this earlier. But here. Maybe this is a fresh perspective. I'll disregard your first 3 questions for now to bring up this vital point. A final boss doesn't need to be the hardest boss in the game or a final test of the player's skill. In many games, it's not. The Final...
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    [THex] Tutorial Series, From Beginner to Advanced

    Hey guys, I posted a fast, unpolished, impromptu tutorial on my channel regarding the Flowchart software I use and how it can help you better organize your game's story, the mechanics, and the levels into something easy to implement and read. I'd love to go deeper into detail on this process as...
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    Going live in 5 mins on Twitch ( ) Discussing story design, and...

    Going live in 5 mins on Twitch ( ) Discussing story design, and game mechanics while developing.
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    RMMV Five Towers (A Simple RPG)

    Hey guys! I've been streaming my Dev Logs on Twitch ( ) This last week has been slow as I've had a different setup while visiting family, but I still maintained work every day. Now that things are back to normal, I'm focusing again on streaming my development. During...
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    RMXP Fire Fly (8-Bit Sci-Fi fantasy game)

    I like the minimalistic design and the simplistic approach. I definitely suggest keeping that theme throughout. If you need to improve AI control, Yanfly provides a script that can do that. I suggest grabbing it if you want to make more robust enemies. It's possible that VictorSaint always does...
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    Justify Window Placement in Galv's Popup Message (Timed)

    I'm using Galv's Popup messages. I wanted text to appear in the center of the screen. I've partially figured that out. However, the text tends to draw justified to the left instead of center, making it near-impossible to get it to be perfectly in the center every time I do a show text. I was...
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    YEP Battle Engine: State/Buff turn counter won't go down.

    @caethyril Well, my issue is with the Cannot Move restriction. Cannot Move seems to be causing the issue for me. Poison, however, does not cause me any issues. I run Windows, and have no troop events at all. I'll try to install this debug plugin. However, 1.6 somehow removed my developer...
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    YEP Battle Engine: State/Buff turn counter won't go down.

    @caethyril We already addressed that it was indeed included in the regenerateAll() part, but that we still had the issue. Have you fully updated your MV project to version 1.6? You would have to either download the update, or update through Steam, (Actually, can you confirm which you use to...
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    YEP Battle Engine: State/Buff turn counter won't go down.

    Yea my code is acting weird when I make edits, fixing itself in weird ways and doing odd things. The problem is fixed for On Turn States but still bugged for Action End States. Tick based system set to true counts down states in the same way that On Turn states do. That's currently what I'm...
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    YEP Battle Engine: State/Buff turn counter won't go down.

    Yea that's a major bug. Unfortunately only Patreons can reach Yanfly. You would have to hope the Patreons let him know. Also, that fix works, but only for Turn End. Action End is still bugged. But this at least gives me a work-around. I am curious, why didn't you go with...

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