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    RMMV Corrupted Spirits

    I have gotten parts of the game done, hopefully there will be a demo out soon.
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    Avy's Icon Workshop [Update Jan 2021]

    Hi Avery, I very much like these cracked orbs that you made and I'm currently using them in my MV game. It just happens to be that I need one more of them that is an off white color for the spirit of wind as he has become corrupt by darkness. I also love all of the icons as they feel like they...
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    Status update: -Back in 2018 computer crashed -Load of health issues -Got married in 2019 -Got...

    Status update: -Back in 2018 computer crashed -Load of health issues -Got married in 2019 -Got a new job in 2019 -Start BA for Game Design in 2019 ---- Demon Seals: -Have to start over Corrupted Spirits: -Have to start over Of Man and Machine: -Have to start over Suikoden Ace: -Don't have...
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    Suikoden Ace

    Thanks, my computer crashed in 2018, and for some reason this is one of the games that got saved.
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    Of Man and Machine

    Computer crashed in 2018, have to redo everything.
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    Demon Seals ( Demo up)

    Lost everything again due to a computer crash in 2018.
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    RMMV Corrupted Spirits

    My computer back in 2018 and I had a lot of health issues pop up, so I have to start over on this one.
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    RMMV Corrupted Spirits

    I currently am looking to outfit the team with a mapper other than myself, but other than that the game is coming towards a demo soon.
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    Working on getting demo out of Corrupted Spirits here soon.

    Working on getting demo out of Corrupted Spirits here soon.
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    RMMV Corrupted Spirits

    Thank you for all of the feedback. The maps are probably all going to end up changing over time as I work on the game, but thank you for the tip on shift+click mapping.
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    Video Games: The games I play

    Hello everyone, I wanted to start a thread to talk about games that I play, not so much the AAA titles that I play, but the smaller ones or the ones that aren't normally noticed. You all can bring in the ones you play too. I love the Suikoden Series and the Atelier Series of games, but they...
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    RMMV Corrupted Spirits

    Corrupted Spirits Story Starting point of the game: Cara, the hero of the game, lives in a tree house in what was the forest of light, where the temple to the goddess of light is. One day she exits her house to go and find game only to see a shining bright light that is coming from the old...
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    2017 IGMC Goals and Progress Thread

    I'm going to be working on maybe two entries for this, one is a sole and the other one I have a team for. I hope they both do well.
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    RMMV Legion Saga DX

    I am still here supporting this project as this was a very beloved game of mine.
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    Elemental Temples- UPDATED 12/31 (Time Temple)

    Going to be using these in most of my projects. I can't wait for more as they are awesome.

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