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    woah hey so as it turns out bwehfer

    woah hey so as it turns out bwehfer
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    RPG Maker 2000/2003 - Some sounds crash the program

    Hello, everyone. I am experiencing an annoying issue with RPG Maker 2003. Sometimes, when I play certain MP3 files (not all MP3 files do this) RPG Maker just freaks out and spits a ton of error messages at me, all saying "Not implemented." At this point I can only close the program via Task...
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    Gravity Direction?

    Hello, all. So I've been trying to get into IG maker, but I can't seem to figure out how to reverse the player's gravity. No matter what I've tried, it just doesn't work. Is there any way I can accomplish this? I've tried changing the player gravity variable to -100 (that didn't work) and...
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    [RMXP] Making a SIMPLE TEXT BOX in RPG Maker XP Script Editor

    Ugh... I'm at a real loss here. Can ANYONE PLEASE tell me how to make a SIMPLE TEXT BOX in RPG Maker XP??? I've tried literally EVERYTHING, but I've ALWAYS got some kind of error!! Can someone please help? :(   I want to add a message that displays when your party is defeated, like in 2003...
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    [RMXP] Trying to create a windowskin changing menu.

    Hello, everyone. So, I'm working on a game in RPG Maker XP, and I want to add a way to change window skins in the game. Currently I'm having a large amount of trouble getting that working. No matter what command I try, it won't change the windowskin at all. It always stays at the default...
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    [Rm2k3] Low Health Warning?

    Hey, everyone. I'm trying to make a low health warning in my game, but nothing is working. I tried using variables, but they don't update within battles. I've tried in-battle commands but they don't work at all. I've tried using specific values but that's only good if you want to use a single...
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    Battle Test feature not working in RPG Maker 2k3

    Hello. I am currently experiencing a problem with RPG Maker 2003. Whenever I try to initiate a battle test, I get this: Can someone please explain why I can't do a battle test anymore? :(
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    Display text "in background"

    Hello, I have a question. Is there some way of being able to display text/variables without losing control of your character and freezing the world? Thanks.  ;)
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    Scrolling text in RMXP

    I don't like how the text instantly appears in RMXP. I want to find a thing that makes it scroll like in RM2k3. There's just one problem. I have a link to download it at G.D.U., but the STUPID website isn't letting me SIGN UP!! It keeps saying this: " As this is the first time you've logged in...

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