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    Dream Chasers - Updated Demo to V0.2.2

    I really, really want to ask a question that might be stupid. But since you attribute credits to the final fantasy franchise for example, does that mean you are allowed to use music from those games? I would like to use that kind of music myself sometimes but I never do cause of the copyright...
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    Post Your Music

    New battle track I'm working on. Have been a bit lazy for a long time now. Time to get back in the game. It's a WIP and it's in a 5/4 time signature. 
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    FREE Legion Saga MV [Recruiting Mappers]

    Like you say a main composer might not be a requirement. I doubt I can find the time to compose full time for a hobby project but since I really did enjoy the classic Legion Saga games and would love to see them remade in MV I would love to contribute with atleast some themes if this project...
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    Some music tracks for Sci-fi inspired games

    Thank you. I edited the playlists on my soundcloud so it's updated now. 
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    Fate's Blade - Looking for a team!

    I would defenetly be up for contributions with a classic score. I mainly use Orchestral anyway but I tend to lean more towards the sound of the SNES/PS1 era of JRPGs than modern scores. I would probably not have the time to write a full score but with a co-composer I would be able to do my part...
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    Voice for Attack, Battle, Victory ... (jap)

    As far as i can tell, they should be okay to use with proper credits. Im not going commerical or anything. But i'm using them. The only thing to be careful with is the RPG Maker specific ones where you have to own a licence to the specified maker to use them. 
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    Voice for Attack, Battle, Victory ... (jap)

    Terms of Use- Assets must be downloaded before use (no direct linking)  - All assets are free of charge, but all copyrights vest with YouFulca (Yufuruka).  The assets can not be repackaged on a CD or in data form for resale or distribution.  (You are of course welcome to store them on a CD...
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    Voice for Attack, Battle, Victory ... (jap)

    Some of the music sounds awesome. I just want to be sure that it's original compositions and not covers on any AAA games or something. 
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    Post Your Music

    @ taistelusopuli I Actually use Reason 8 and a Rack Extension that's named ProjectSAM Orchestral Sampler.  Thank you for the feedback. I'm very conservative when it comes to using reverb. I find it's very easy to drown a mix in it. Especially adding it to percussion can really take alot of the...
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    Post Your Music

    @Housekeeping Thank you.  :) I have listened alot to those soundtracks to. But my main inspiration would be Yasunori Mitsuda, Motoi Sakuraba and Nobou Uematsu. However, when you actually mention it, Kristas Theme really has a Tales feel to it. My main inspiration was actually Theme of Rena...
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    Post Your Music

    New Battle Theme style track. Inspired by Kingdom Hearts and McTricky's tutorial video on Youtube.  And this little track for a Shrine in a forest meadow or something. Very much my own style. 
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    Sharing my Music and Sound FX - Over 2000 Tracks

    Wow. Loads of tracks with great atmosphere. And the icing on the cake is that many of them fit the Rpg makers look perfectly. Very nice compositions to share.  :)   :rock-left:
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    Mega Music Giveaway (39+ free tracks)

    Very high quality tracks. Making them free is a little good to be true.  :)
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    Post Your Music

    Recently started to write some Game Music inspired songs. It's a small playlist now but i guess more will be added in due time. 
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    Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

     Try to type in move target: backward, 10, 10  I'm not sure but i think inputing wait for movement and move target: home, 10 under this will work if you want the target to return to initial position after the punch. Also adjust the amount of distance and frames to your liking. 

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