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    Wow. That explosion looks really good.

    Wow. That explosion looks really good.
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    RMVXA Swan Song [SCP-style Mystery | Demo Available]

    OI-921 (AKA "Swan Song") Dr. Hastings discovered it in Loraine's office the day she disappeared. It's more than just a music box: it's the key to her disappearance and the only hope you have of finding her. But top brass won't take the risk; they've filed it away for good. And that's where it...
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    RMVXA [SOLVED] Yanfly's Menu Cursor doesn't appear in "Show Choices" command boxes

    The "Yanfly Engine Ace - Menu Cursor v1.00" script doesn't show the custom cursor if the command box was opened by the "Show Choices" command (or in the Save Screen). This happens even in an otherwise empty test project. Here's a list of where the glitch happens: Show Choices Save Screen (I...
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    Games to tug your heart strings.

    Omori. I want to explain but I really don't want to spoil anything. In case you haven't heard of it, though, here's the trailer.
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    Hello :)

    Thank you
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    Hello :)

    I've browsed these forums for a while, but I finally decided to join both this one and RPG Maker Central because my latest project is giving me a lot of stumpers. I can't wait to show it off on Games in Development, but I need to tinker with it a little, first. By the way, what's the difference...

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Made some new friends, and blew up a puzzle... Happens. :LZSwink:
A new RPG Maker music pack is coming out soon! Below is a demo of one of the compositions in the pack, Heroic Battle. More details coming soon!

Trying to build a child-size body. Mostly happy with it except the sideview arms - can't get them to move quite right yet. Anyway, here's the work-in-progress, with an adult for size comparison.

I started in VXAce and I liked how the kids flapped their arms so that's why it's just flapping.
A character theme... finally posted some of the music tonight as celebration for 500 followers. I really like how this song came out.
Good night (or day) everyone! :kaohi:

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