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    QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    Any chance you could add diagonal terrain to the Qmovement plugin? (example: ) It would also be pretty nice to have at least two inclinations available like in the image.
  2. TomatoKing

    Deprecation Warnings? Help Please

    Your orange lighting plugin is outdated, so it's probably causing a memory leak, either see if there's an updated version or remove it. Have you tried disabling it? The warning message there pretty clearly state where the problem is coming from.
  3. TomatoKing

    QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    In the master demo, if the cat collides with the moving snowball it will stop and never move again, essentially hanging the demo.
  4. TomatoKing

    [RMMV] DragonBones 2d Animation Integration

    @TheGreenKel EDIT: I made you a blocky guy, it's not pretty or particularly well animated but has all the basic map animations: It's a compiled Spine file, you have to import it into dragonbones, I did...
  5. TomatoKing

    [RMMV] DragonBones 2d Animation Integration

    What about replacing map sprites?
  6. TomatoKing

    Learn JS with RPG Maker MV

    And make sure RM stays as a niche toy rather than grow into something more. In order to learn MV people would need first to find what the best introductory JS book is (which people around the internet can't agree on) that is not even related to RM in any shape way or form besides syntax, and it...
  7. TomatoKing

    Learn JS with RPG Maker MV

    Every other engine accomplish this by having ebooks or video tutorials, no reason why it should be different for RM.
  8. TomatoKing

    Learn JS with RPG Maker MV

    One year before you attempted anything? Doesn't that sound terrible to you? When I started with GameMaker 8.1, I went from not knowing what an instance or a variable was to making simple games in 1 month, within 1 year I was making half decent full engines, thanks to the fact that I had good...
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    Learn JS with RPG Maker MV

    Teaching how to use JS would need to go into programming fundamentals like oop, variables, loops, arrays, etc...that would be the whole point, an introductory programming course applied to MV. The book "Game Maker's Apprentice" is a perfect example of what I mean, it teaches you programming...
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    Learn JS with RPG Maker MV

    RPG Maker MV motto is "Simple enough for a child; powerful enough for a developer", but we are missing a very important step in there, how do we go from "child" to "developer"? As of right now, it would require the child to go learn coding elsewhere and then come back, what will happen probably...
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    In Game Map/HUD Building

    I think a "good" tutorial on how to customize the different in-game menus would be enough for this, right now the problem is you need to know where to look for the thing you want to replace first, then how RM handles stuff, then how to make it look like you want. A good tutorial could go on to...
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    Yanfly Doodads as a built in feature

    This is so up the in the top suggestions that I hope they are at least looking into the possibility of adding it. It would push the map editor forward a huge deal into current times. Here's, how I think it could look (grabbed jomarcenter screencap because I don't have RM installed):
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    Is making an exporter for any maker legal if the game follows all 6 conditions?

    That would apply if people where reverse engineering the RPG Maker software itself, not the files it generates. If someone went and made a RPG Maker replacement that uses the same file formats and even the same backend (pixi.js is open source) that would be perfectly legal as long as it's not...
  14. TomatoKing

    Is making an exporter for any maker legal if the game follows all 6 conditions? Here's the link to the legal information institute site since the one quoted 404'ed This applies only to US, most countries do not even have any legislation regarding reverse engineering...

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