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  • Currently scripting: Step sounds for NPCs :)
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    A little advice : make it so that the sound only pop up when the player is at a certain distance of the NPC, or it will be very noiseful in towns for example ^^
    Hi Nantas, it's the former one. When you are around 12 tiles you will notice the step sound in respect to the NPC's current region. (Grass, stone, wood, etc). It's a simple touch and adds more soul to every moving character.
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I have tried, several times to understand how Markiplier is popular. You can't deny his popularity. I can only get through a few minutes of his vids, though. He's cringier than ANY cringe comp I've ever watched. When I was a kid, if you acted like that, 0 friends and 100% no dates for you. Times have changed XD
Sometimes you may feel helpless and defeated. But everyone loses from time to time. It's okay to be tired. Take a breather. Have a good cry if you need to. You gotta take breaks from your workout, or you'll collapse before you can get stronger.
So, my roommates wrote a news article in English, translated it into Bengali with google translate and now I'm helping them fix the monstrosity which was the result. Making English the medium of education is fine... but not to an extent that we forget how to write properly in our own language :")
Stream will be live shortly with some more Minecraft spriting! Feel free to drop by~

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