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    11 hours of programming... Only to add two more zoom levels. Well, that's what happens when you decide between minimap and zoom too late.
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    Introduction: I have tried to make this plugin as light-weighted as possible. You have 3 layers to play around with auto-fading...
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    Introduction Lets you bind the movement of pictures to the movement of the map rather than to the camera, for what is popularly called...
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    Well, it's been a while since the last time I came here... Is there a JS scripting FAQ? I'd like to know what it's capable of achieving...
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    Hi Everyone, I recently made a character generator tool because I needed a good way to make many characters for my upcoming indie game...

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Yanfly told me the new earth all animations in MZ look a bit like summoning potatoes and now I can't unsee it. halp
Despite time and all the other things I am working on, I decided that I am going to start a Fire Emblem-like project. Follow your dreams! I'll just have to balance hours efficiently. I'm also not making this as complex as my Might and Magic inspired project, so it will be a much easier project to work on.
So I've taken to doing a test of the game, and making a list of everything I think of during the test to add/fix. Over the course of the night I check them off as I do them, and by the end of the night I always feel like I've accomplished something. :LZSexcite:
Eventz MZ? Events MZ!
My laptop has been restarting for around ten minutes. Not updating. I am concerned.

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