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  1. Moghunter Damage Popup Elemental Ettacks

    Sure but if you're using smaller numbers for stats it's harder to notice. I notice the difference just fine but I was worried I only see it because I know it's a weakness already.
  2. Moghunter Damage Popup Elemental Ettacks

    Anybody have any idea if this script can show elemental weakness, resist, ect? Taking a look through it, it looks like a no but I dunno much about coding. Just doesn't seem very fair if the player isn't told when they find an enemy weakness or not. Script found here...
  3. Item common event closes menu

    I'm not doing anything too fancy. The items all add a status effect to a character. The common event then checks if a character has it and if met it will change variables depending on who has the status effect. The idea is a variable will countdown and once it hits zero something happens to that...
  4. Item common event closes menu

    I have a few items that run common events as soon as you use them and the common event runs it closes the menu window. Anyway to have item common events NOT close the menu? Obviously this gets very annoying if you need to use multiple items in a row.
  5. Change event graphic

    Okay I got it working now and saved on using switches too. Never realized I could have an event change the self switch of a different event. And on the off-chance anybody finds this helpful this was what I did. $game_self_switches[[map, event, 'selfswitch']] = true/false Map is the map where...
  6. Change event graphic

    I have the player fight some enemies, the event handling the plot changes the enemies event graphics to none via move route BUT if I leave the map and re-enter they revert to how they were initially. Does move route not save graphic changes between maps and I need to use switches to do this? I...
  7. (SOLVED) How to zoom in on an event

    This script can zoom.
  8. Moghunter ATB messages

    I have several scripts installed but after I added Moghunter's ATB I no longer get battle messages. You know, those little "(username) uses/casts X!" I want to be able to do stuff like having an enemy fumble an attack and a quick message would appear saying "X fumbles their attack!" and the...
  9. Item user PHA

    Not sure if I'm missing something obvious here or not but when from the item menu NOT in battle, using an item uses whoever has the highest PHA stat or leader. I'm using Hime's Custom Use Conditions script which allows me to have requirements to use an item which in this case is a state but...
  10. Item change different variables per actor

    And now it all works. Thanks!
  11. Item change different variables per actor

    How would I go about having different variables change depending on which actor uses an item? Actor 1 uses item 1 which changes variable 1 BUT if actor 2 uses item 1 it will change variable 2 instead. I get the feeling this is simple but I'm just missing something. I tried common events but it...
  12. Buff/state for X number of encounters

    Okay I think I found a way to make this work by using Yanfly's battle aftermath I can run a common event. I can have a common event have variables count down at the end of every encounter and once they hit zero they remove the states I need removed. So this is solved.
  13. Buff/state for X number of encounters

    Couple of things here. First, is there anyway to have a STATIC number instead of % for parameter buffs on states? Second how can I get this to last for say, 2 encounters? Like say I want a temporary +5 attack buff to last for 2 battles then is goes away. How do I go about doing this?
  14. Track how long in party?

    Is there anyway to keep track of how long a party member has been in your party and later use it in conditional branches? Say like a traitor is in the party and this is determined by whoever is the least used party member.

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