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  1. Mother 3 Like menu?

    Etude has an Page so here:
  2. Mother 3 Like menu?

    Never mind I was able to make It with Etudes Menu Maker. I also found a Icon script made by Etude
  3. Earthboundish Sprite Display Error

    Yup, your right in the last part.
  4. Earthboundish Sprite Display Error

    I tried to put this script:,47693.0.html Mother 3 Sprite Display but this happened :( This is the XP Style Battle: It's around this part: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● [追加]:座標の設定...
  5. Mother 3 Like menu?

  6. Mother 3 Like menu?

    Is it able to make a menu like this? I probably think it is cause people already made the ring menu.
  7. VX Ace Script Window_Selectable Error

    a script was on that stops battles sorry for wasting your time
  8. VX Ace Script Window_Selectable Error

    I start a battle then it says this error :( Script 'Window_Selectable' line 61: ZeroDivisionError occured divided by 0 This is Window_Selectable line 61 def row_max [(item_max + col_max - 1) / col_max, 1].max end
  9. Mother 20XX

    Omg I got a good result
  10. Mother 20XX

    That makes sense!
  11. Mother 20XX

    Hey, Are you able to edit the script to go in any direction? Example: One is going to the left while the other is going to the right?
  12. Is there any way to make Timed Attacks on VX Ace?

    If you don't know Combos are like if you push the A button at the right time you get another hit Example: Thanks!
  13. What's your thoughts on RPG Maker UNITE

    I'm just curious
  14. Mother 20XX

    It wasn't really what I was thinking about. I was gonna use earthbound gifs. But it's ok! It's still very useful!

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