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    Check if actor is equipped by one of many armors

    Please do not make a second thread for the same question in your previous thread. There was no need for this one. Closed.
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    Ink Dialogue System in RMMV

    This thread is being closed, at the request of the OP. Thank you.
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    Moving Platforms

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    Free trial expired after 2 days.

    Can you send me a PM. I can get it reset, but it will probably be Monday before I can do it (people I'd need to talk to are away from office for the weekend)
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    New Releases: FSM: Autumn Woods and Rural, Japanese Anime Voices: Female Character Series Vol.5

    I know that the demo game is still listed as 1.20. The tiles should be fixed though.
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    New Releases: FSM: Autumn Woods and Rural, Japanese Anime Voices: Female Character Series Vol.5

    @PixelHeart All of the FSM packs got moved to an Any Tool EULA a month or two ago.
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    New Releases: FSM: Autumn Woods and Rural, Japanese Anime Voices: Female Character Series Vol.5

    Look now, you aren't allowed to shatter my belief that no one actually reads what I write and just looks at the banners.
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    RMMV Wintervale Keep: A Vagabond's Tale of Treasure and Treachery.

    Let's just cool off the whole grammar thing here. The point about proofreading/editing games is definitely a good point, but there is no reason for it to devolve any further than that. I've not played the game though, but maybe you should run it by someone else with a really good understanding...
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    Hello from the rest of me

    I actually studied electronics in college (related, but of course not the same thing), and worked with a master electrician for a time when I was a building contractor (I did renovations, so had to bring in someone to check over any electrical work I did if it was part of the repairs/renovations...
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    Restrictions: Limited Move Sets

    That is another issue with items and skills as well. When they have tiers, it makes the lower tier stuff a waste of space later in the game. (another positive addition from only limited move sets, you generally drop all those lower tier skills so you no longer need to scroll past them when going...
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    Restrictions: Limited Move Sets

    I've wanted to design a game around item use for a long time. I think that the closest you see is that a lot of roguelikes are built around item use. Of course, they get around hoarding instincts by making all items ephemeral, you use it or lose it. I think a lot of times games just price...
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    Restrictions: Limited Move Sets

    @MushroomCake28 I agree on avoiding too much restriction. I think it's very much a balancing act. For instance with Tokyo Mirage Sessions (which is what inspired me to write about this, also, just an amazing game, lots of great design decisions in it), you have 6 active skills, 6 support skills...
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    What are the most common traps newbie developers tend to fall for while making a project?

    This is actually the thing I was trying to figure out how to articulate. Everyone wants their game to stick out. And often that means having things that are unique and interesting about the game. But its better as a lone developer to focus on ONE unique and interesting thing than trying to...
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    The RPG Maker Meme Thread

    I think this attitude of "tropes bad" is the sign of an immature writer. I always find that there is this certain point in the development of writing, kind of the "teenage years" of writing, where they just seem to think that all tropes are bad. Like, when you first start writing everything you...

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